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Manna (or Eating Heaven)
by David Sparenberg
2015-12-31 12:17:20
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davi01_400_01Manna (or Eating Heaven)

To spontaneously rise up.  To kindle.  To catch fire.  To burst with spontaneous combustion.  To flame out.  To be that burning bush.

To make your hands bridges.  To join persons, peoples, places, continents.  To lift your voice to echo throughout creation.  To sound earthen yet to sound cosmic: to resound.

To bring light, a new light.  To bear your gift.  To tell your story.  Continue the narrative in a narrative universe.  A jot, an aleph, an alpha, an “a” to signify, a signature to go out opening, singing the world. 

A column of smoke of colors by day.  A pillar of fire by night.
This is prayer.  Prayer making; prayer walking.  Known to the ancient-near.  To ancestry.  In primal tongue.  In the root of sound.  It is the prayer that esteems, that proclaims “I am going over.  I am become beyond!”

It is for those strong and the clear.  For those who would live wild and green.  For those who would live pious, but unpretentious.  For those who live free, in prophet-orchards, in the dreaming, in wanderings of the human hereafter.

These words are for gypsies of the soul.  When you gain wealth and wisdom.  For children of the dawn.  When you laugh at fear and loneliness.  When you are with, you are not alone.

David Sparenberg
22 December 2015


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