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Your thoughts, your wishes for our 11th birthday
by The Ovi Team
2015-12-20 11:17:09
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Please add here your wishes and your thoughts for our 11 years Ovi magazine!



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Get it off your chest
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Nikos Laios2015-12-20 12:09:01
Congratulations OVI, congratulations Thano on 11 years! It is a great privelidge to be a part of this great magazine; an independent lone voice in the wilderness....keep up the great work!!

Emanuel Paparella2015-12-20 13:26:44
Congratulations and best wishes Ovi Magazine for 11 fruitful years of outstanding contributions to the causes of free speech and democracy.

Were I to be asked what is the secret to the magazine's enduring success and popularity with its readers, well in its second decade now, it is perhaps that the editors who envisioned and directed it (Thanos and Asa principally), as well as the writers who continue to faithfully contribute to it, and the increasing readership who reads it on a daily basis are not only passionate about the subjects they write about, but also masterfully competent in the ancient Greek tradition of arête.

I personally joined the magazine and began contributing on a regular basis some 8 years ago, when it was still in its infancy. It now feels like family. During those 8 years, in fact, I have seen it grow and mature steadily while bravely taking on the challenges that have come its way. I am convinced that its journey will be a long and commendable one well into the 21st century. Ad majorem.

Alan2015-12-21 00:15:46
Congratulations and many many more years.

bohdan yuri2015-12-22 07:49:54
Thank you for being here for all of us, from all of us.

bohdan yuri2015-12-25 02:01:21
Thank you for being here for all of us, from all of us.

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