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Orange Peel
by Nikos Laios
2015-12-18 08:54:31
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Orange Peel

img_0752_breakfast_400On a carefree
Summer day
Time floated
Among musical
Notes like
An exclamation
Mark punctuating
The sky.

As sand collected
Around the base
Of the pier,
While surfers bobbed
In the waves
Like corks.

To the sound
Of metallic masts
Clanging in the
Breeze like
A silver forest.

As the foaming
Waves crashed
Over bleached bones
And crashing stones.

The burning sand
Like a flayed
Orange peel
Curled in
The sun.

Dreams unfurled
Floated among
The clouds;
Sailing on
The highways
Of the skies.

How I loved
That carefree day,
That careless day,
That summer day.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios

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