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Blue-Green Day
by Nikos Laios
2015-12-12 11:07:07
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Blue-Green Day

img_1323_the_heart_of_spring_400The blue-green
Day played out
To sounds of
Parking cars,
And moaning bars;
The sweeping sounds
Of cracked pepper
And salt grinding
On pork chops.

With the
Rustling dress,
And the aroma
Of undress;
That pungent
Musky undertaker
Smell that lingers:
Her days were behind her,
Our days were behind us.

The moment and minutes
Of ticking time behind,
Like a whistling steam train
That rushes past stations
missing stops,missing drops.

Clocks,and stopwatches,
The tick-tock of time
and ticking time bombs.

Beneath unfurled
Flapping flags on
Foreign shores,
And opened doors.

The railways smells
And bus-stop hells,
The to-and-fro;
The pining and
Reclining on creaking
Groaning floors;
Wailing alms
And pogroms.

I remembered;
I remembered her,
I remembered him,
Through revolving
Doors, dimmed
By time like shards
Of memories wrapped
In cotton wool soaked
In red wine.

Glowing,like some
Slowly digested
Succulent morsel
That gets caught
And regurgitated
As a disturbing reflex.

I remembered that day,
That Blue-green day;
That day in May;
The parking cars
And moaning bars,
The tick-tock of time,
And ticking time bombs.

It was another day,
Another ordinary day;
Our last day.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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