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Wayward Calves, Fiery Crosses and Garden Variety Terrorisms
by Leah Sellers
2015-12-10 12:07:21
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“Peggy Joy, where have you been, hon ?  I needed your help gettin’ one of the new calves out of the garden earlier, and you were nowhere to be found,”  Jethro asked irritably.

“Did you get that calf out of garden ?  I’ll bet it was after my cabbages.  That’ll give that baby a little belly ache for a while, ha.  Bet it’ll think twice before it tries to do that again.”  Peggy Joy replied.

“Easy for you to laugh, woman.  You weren’t the one havin’ to chase that varmint around, and back out into the field with its bellerin’ mama. In fact, it was that mama cow’s bellerin’ that alerted me to her baby’s whereabouts and chosen mornin’ cuisine, in the first place,”  Jethro grumbled.

“Why did you head into town so early this mornin’, Peg ?”  Jethro asked.

k01_400“I went into the convenience store owned by Mohammed and his family to offer them some support.  I noticed that ever since the San Bernardino Murders took place, that their business has really gone down.  There was a time when their store was the busiest on that side of town, but ever since this Terrorist Plague has been on the rise more and more folks are avoidin’ their business.  So, I just thought that I’d drop by to get a little gas, pick up a few groceries, drop off a few homemade cookies for Mohammed and Farzaneh’s family to enjoy, and let them know that they still have some support around these parts,”  Peggy Joy said firmly.

“Did anyone see you playin’ at the Good Samaritan,”  Jethro asked challengingly.

“Howard, and his boys were there for some gas.  But the boys stayed in the truck, while Howard pumped the gas and paid for it with a card.  None of ‘em went inside.  And you and I both know Howard’s boys, and they are always hungry and runnin’ in and out of one store or another any time their daddy stops for anything,”  Peggy Joy answered.

“That’s true enough.  But you have got to be more careful, Peggy Joy.  Folks have been a might testier since these Terrorists are killin’ folks like loose cannons everywhere around the world.  Especially right here in our own backyard.  They want the United States of America to send out all of our Ground Troops and knock the snot out of ‘em in Syria, Iraq, and everywhere else for that matter.  And some Folks will not take kindly to your treatin’ other Muslims kindly.  They have a tendency to put ‘em all in one basket.”  Jethro warned.

“That’s the problem, Jethro.  All too many Folks are puttin’ the Muslims all in the same basket.  A basket that most Muslims do not belong in,”  Peggy Joy said firmly.

“That’s why I so appreciate havin’ a President like Mr. Obama.  He sees what’s happenin’ and is choosin’ not to over-react or be pushed into the same old play book’s Warrin’ strategies or mistakes.  He knows Human Nature.  He knows that if he declares all out obliteratin’ War with the dark energies of Daesh, and all of its cohorts and cronies, that it will mutate into the very Jihad that Daesh, and all of its cohorts and cronies, have been tryin’ to manipulate the World into steppin’ into on both sides, East and West.”  Peggy Joy declared.

“Daesh knows just what it’s doin’.  Don’t think that it’s led by a bunch of Religious Fanatic Dummies.  “Cause they are not.  They know just what psychological buttons of Fear and Chaotic Mayhem to push in order to get everyone in the World to Act Up and Out against It, and eventually, out of our own ignorances and bigotries, to Act Up and Out toward all Muslims.  Human Bein’s as a whole are just not evolved far enough along to keep the two separated.  And we’ll be playin’ right into their Evilly Manipulative Hands,”  Peggy Joy continued.

“Heck, there are already some folks at Church sayin’ that we just need to flush all of the Muslims in America into Concentration Camps, like the ones we had for the Japanese and some Germans during World War II, and then ship ‘em all back to the Middle East.  Because of Folks’ out of control Fears and Suspicions about when and where the next Radical Daesh-Dead-Head is gonna’ pop up at.  They’re already talkin’ War against All Muslims.  They’re callin’ them infidels just like some hateful Muslims call us infidels.”  Peggy Joy said.

“This old school, all-out War that everyone seems so hell bent on Declarin’ against Daesh is just what Daesh, and their hate-filled and brainwashed Followers wants the so called West to declare.  Pete’s right.  It’s a very dangerous, and long sufferin’ Trap that everybody is so anxious to jump right into the insatiable sharp jaws of.  Everybody just needs to slow down and think this terrible problem through.  Because if we don’t it will become a very volatile and blood suckin’ Religious War.  The Holy War that Daesh is yearning for to give it Validity and the Global Power and Control over everybody that it craves.  We need to be smart about How we handle this situation, Jethro.  “Cause we have some manipulative and twisted hearted, brainwashed Folks’ in the Christian ranks who’re also just as anxious to bring Armageddon down on everybody’s head.  And I’m gettin’ tired of listenin’ to everybody around these parts, and in the Republican Party, and the likes of that ‘ole blunder-headed Humpty-Trumpty-Dumpty wantin’ to Act Up and Out of their Fears instead of their Smarts.”  Peggy Joy said emphatically.

“Mr. Obama is right.  We need to make the Muslims and the Middle Eastern Leaders and their Countries responsible for corralin’ in their own folks, while we Help them.  We do not want to make this an East against The West War like the Daesh Devils want us to.  Yes, the Eastern Countries are hesitatin’ ‘cause they’re used to usin’ our Children of the West to do their political and social dirty work, because of our greedy thirst for their Oil and other Business Interests.  But we have got to change that, and make the Middle Eastern Leaders responsible for Problems their Leaderships and Behaviors have helped to create within their own countries and throughout the World.  Our present circumstances have been created by both the East and the West’s past Greeds and Misdeeds.”

“The World, and all Muslims must understand that The West is not the only villain or patsy in the mix here.  That the Muslims need to get their own Houses cleaned up and in Order themselves.  And America needs to stop gettin’ in Wars all around the World just because she can or just because her Leaders and the Corporate Cogheads and Bankers make a killin’ off of their murderous Wars Machines and Wars that slaughter our Children, and adds to our nation’s loss of Face and Stability.”  Peggy Joy said forcefully.

“But, Peggy Joy, there comes a time when a Man has got to make a Stand and Fight for what he needs to Protect.  For what is his own.  Otherwise, he’s a Coward, and varmints and heathens like these Daesh Devils will run right over him.  We have got to make a Stand.”  Jethro countered.

“Yes, I agree, Jethro.  But in this case, we have just got to fight back a lot differently, and that is just goin’ to take some time.  We need to get the Muslims more invested in gettin’ their own Folks under control, and callin’ Daesh, and their cronies and cohorts out for the hateful aberrations and Hate Mongers of their Faith that they are.”  Peggy Joy argued.

“Many years ago, before I was even born, before my mama was even born, my Grandpa faced a similar enemy.  Some of the members of his Church formed a Free Masons group, and others formed a Ku Klux Klan group.  Of course, they did it on the side and had other meetin’ places to gather at, mostly one another’s homesteads, but most of the members of both groups were members of the Baptist Church, and the Community up there in the Hills of the Appalachians,”  Peggy Joy began.

“Well, Grandpa was highly respected in that Community as a Learned Man.  His Home contained an actual Library of Books that his Family had built up over the years and passed on to each generation.  In fact, when I went up to spend summers with Grandpa and Grandma, and all of my Aunts and Uncles and numerous Cousins, we never watched television, except for the Lawrence Welk Show.  Instead, we spent every evenin’ readin’ and letter writin’.”

“Grandpa would sit me on his lap, and he would read three verses in the Bible, and then he’d stop and ask me what I got out of them, and he’d discuss the verses with me.  And then he’d have me read three verses, and we’d stop and talk about what we got out of those verses.  And so on and so on, until we had a whole Bible Chapter completed.”

“Is there a point to this story, Peggy Joy ?  A point havin’ to do with the Daesh Devils we were previously discussin’ ?  Jethro drolled.

“Yes, yes there is, Jethro.  Just a little patience on your part is needed, hon.  Well, as I was sayin’ Grandpa was all for Education.  Because when we’d finish with our Bible Chapter for the evenin’, he’d take down one of his leather bound Philosophy Books, and we’d repeat the same Readin’ and Discussion Pattern.  I knew how to read and say the name Aristophanes at the age of eight, ha.  And he always chose a Philosopher and a Philosophy Passage that supported what we were discussin’ from the Bible.  He always told me that God’s Wisdom came from many sources and many places all around the World.  That we were Followers of Christ’s New Covenant of Enlightenment and Love, but that dependin’ upon where folks were born and raised, that God always showed up and revealed his Enlightened and Lovin’ Ways within their cultures.”  Peggy Joy reminisced.

“Anyways, that’s just who he was and who he, and my Mama, taught me to Be.  That I was to always strive to Love and Act for Christ, Knowledge used Wisely and the World as a Whole.”

“That’s the way he was and that was the way he hoped all of his progeny would be.”

“Peggy Joy, where in the world are you goin’ with this Story ?”  Jethro sighed.

Peggy Joy ignored Jethro and said, “There was a Black Man in the County who did a lot of odd jobs for a lot of folks.  My Grandpa included.  In fact, the Black Man was a Tenant Farmer.  He was a hard workin’ and very reliable Man, and he saved his money and was finally able to buy a little piece of property, and build his own home on it.”

“Well, the KKK members of the Community, in a bit of a moonshine stupor decided that they didn’t think that a Black Man deserved to own his own Property in their very own Community, and so they further decided to dress up in their white sheets and hoods, and head out for this Man’s Property in order to convince him to clear out or face other darker consequences.”

“Grandpa caught wind of what was happenin’, and gathered as many of his Free Mason buddies from the Church that would agree to help stop what about to take place.  And then Grandpa, and his Free Mason Brothers drove out to the Black Man’s Property and Home.”

“Well, a fiery cross had already been lit in the yard, and the drunken KKK Radical Christian Gang usin’ God’s Word as an excuse to do the Evil that existed within their own little, puny Hearts and Souls, and havin’ nothing to do with Enlightenment and Love, were already threatenin’ A Lynchin’ when Grandpa and the Christian Free Mason’s arrived on the scene.  There was a lot of huffin’ and puffin’ and rifle and shot gun wavin’, but Grandpa and the Christian Free Masons won the day.  The Black Man was let go, and escaped his Lynchin’, but Grandpa was not so lucky.  You see, one of the bigoted and hateful KKK Radical Christian Leaders was the Sheriff in those parts,” Peggy Joy said sadly.

“Shortly thereafter, he had Grandpa arrested.  Grandpa had to spend almost a week in jail gettin’ roughed up by whoever wanted to rough him up, whether they were lawmakers or law-breakers, and gettin’ robbed of everything he had in his pockets.  But Grandpa was a big man who knew how to rough and tumble with the best of them and he gave back as good as he got.  Finally, his brothers were able to get enough money together to get him out of jail.”

“When Grandpa got back home, he discovered that the Black Man and his Family had disappeared from the Community, and no one ever knew where they had gone off to.  Grandpa was really sad about the Black Man’s Leavin’, but he understood it.  And the man who sold the Black Man the land in the first place just took it back as a part of his property.  Later on, Grandpa discovered that one of the Land Owner’s Sons had been one of the primary instigators of the KKK Radical Christian Gangs gettin’ wound up and mean-drunk enough to attack the Black Man and his Family.  The whole thing was disgustingly sickenin’.  And it was an Act of Bigoted and Hate-filled Terrorism.  Plain and simple.”  Peggy Joy spat out.

“And all of that Meaness and Corruption took place under the Radical Christian auspices of the Ku Klux Klan, and the fiery Cross representin’ Christ as some kind of Hateful War Monger, which He never was or ever would be.  It was all Blasphemy.  They used their Religion to justify their Ugly and Murderous Hate-Twisted Hearts and Actions.  And the Daesh Devils are no different from those KKK members.  None of what they Think or Do has anything to do with God or creatin’ a Stable and Carin’ World for everybody to Live in.  They are all about Hate-filled Division, Separation, Abuse, Death, Dark Power and devastating, Freedom Killin’, Authoritarian, Fascist Control.”  Peggy Joy said more forcefully.

“It was important that other Christians went out to stop what the mean-spirited and twisted KKK members wanted to do.  ‘Cause nothin’ like that ever happened again out in those parts.  Grandpa and the Free Masons met Evil as Enlightened and Lovin’ Bein’s, and even though there was a price to pay for it, they took a lastin’ stand against it for the Good of the Community as a Whole.  And that’s what the Muslims of the World must do.  They must do the same things.  They must stand up and Help to Protect the World’s Community as a Whole.”  Peggy Joy proclaimed.

“I’m exhausted listenin’ to you, Peggy Joy.  I have never been able to out argue you, and I don’t intend to try and start today, especially when you add your Grand Daddy into the mix, ‘cause I always Loved and Respected that Old Man,”  Jethro declared.

“How’s about you and me rustlin’ up some lunch over at the Fluffy Top Café, and pickin’ up a few things at the Feed and Supply Store that we need ?”  Jethro asked tentatively.

Peggy Joy smiled warmly and said, “Why that’s a wonderful suggestion husband of mine.  Let me get my hand bag, and I’ll meet you on out at the truck.  After all it takes an Enlightened Man to be able to recognize that Love and Lovin’ Actions will always win the day, and most arguments given by strong-willed ladies that come their way.”

“And Jethro, will you please check to make sure that the gate to Garden is latched so we don’t have to worry about any more hungry Wayward Calves addin’ my Veggie Garden to their diets while we’re out and about ?”  Peggy Joy asked lightly.

“You just grab your bag, Peggy Joy.  I’ll take care of the rest,”  Jethro said on his way out the front door.

“Thanks, hon, I’ll be right out in a jiffy,”  Peggy Joy chirped.

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