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by David Sparenberg
2015-12-08 11:45:00
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look at you, 28 years, with everything given and before you—youth, intelligence, health, good looks, a caring wife, an infant daughter, folk to call you friend, family, and the beauty of Earth—Earth, in need of justice and healing.  All of this life, your own cornucopia, your summoning and challenging responsibility, the splendid gifts and possibilities, open and in your hands, the munificence—this joyous grace of God.

moloh01_400And you have chosen death.

When compassion and dialogue, acceptance and understanding were before you, you made a choice, you turned away and those who prey on the idealism, enthusiasm, the questing and the purity of the young, filling you with the worst form of nihilism, the cult of hatred, you let yourself descend; the fall of a man into Anti-Man; and the darkness owned you, the idolatry, and you committed murder.

Murder, Syed, mass murder.  And the orphaning of a little girl.  A child: your child.


David Sparenberg
4 December 2015


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Gordana Mudri2015-12-08 13:15:32
Short and powerful reminder of how human being is a labyrinth of secrets and of strange decisions.

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