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Let me go Let me go
by Gordana Mudri
2015-12-03 10:21:14
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Let me go

Let me go ... I can't do this anymore ... You're killing every one of my attempt to smooth over our misunderstandings. You don't care anymore ... You accusing me of everything! You don't  want to admit your part of the blame!

Let me go ... I am leaving ... That's the only thing I can do ...
Our paths have diverged long time ago. Long since we walk alone ...
Let me go ... Forget it ...

There is no "us" anymore ...


Pusti me

Pusti me...Ne mogu više... Ubijaš svaki moj pokušaj da izgladimo nesporazume. Više ti nije stalo... Optužuješ me za sve! Ne želiš priznati svoj dio krivice!

Pusti me... Odlazim... To je jedino što mi preostaje.
Odavno su nam se putevi razišli, odavno koračamo sami...
Pusti me... Zaboravi...

«Mi» više ne postoji...

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