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And that was January... And that was January...
by The Ovi Team
2007-02-05 09:59:04
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2007, one month down, eleven to go! Amazing how fast the year has begun, yet we can’t get those days back which means we can only look forward. However, we can permit ourselves a touch of nostalgia in the form of Ovi’s January cover stories.

Within this Covers issue you will find articles about Castro, Zinedine Zidane, Le Pen, Martin Luther King, the Holocaust, the Red Cross, Lebanon, the destruction of our planet and the rights of Aboriginees. American politics received a great deal of attention with four pieces, including one on Hillary Clinton and another on Obama, the Democrat’s frontrunners.

Don’t worry! There are light-hearted offerings in the shape of a weekend in Brussels, bothersome brothers, a Best Picture movie review, uncertainty, food, Fairtrade, quick loans and the first chapters of two superb stories.

In addition, we welcomed two new media partners in the form of FREE! and Agenda, plus promoted Ovi’s own Exhibitions and Cartoon sections. However, the biggest moment over the past month was our nomination for promoting democracy in the EU.

Relive them all over the following pages!

Roll on February…

The Ovi Team

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tangatti2007-02-05 00:32:09
what a great month, wasn't it?

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