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The Chapel - Part 7
by Theodore K. Nasos
2015-12-01 12:12:04
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Sir John remained quiet for long and I didn’t want to say anything. Actually I was not at all in a talking mood. While our last visitor, Harold Feelgood, the pastor, hadn’t said anything threatening, threat was all around his presence and his talk. And then it was the letter laying on top of the mahogany desk.

siron02_400“John greetings,

“Life is strange and we meet again. I didn’t get a medal like you did and never saw a title in my name but no hard feelings. You did all these fancy things back then and officers always like other officers. Back then I was poor and now I’m even poorer. Officers don’t like poor.

“No hard feelings.

“Back then, in the valley that night with all the animals, you did something to help me and I always felt thankful for that. I was even surprised why you did it but then you left and I never had the time to ask you.

“But you did take what was for you and for that you owe me. And now the time has come to ask back what you owe.

“Keep away from me, that’s all I ask and then you owe me nothing you will never see or hear from me again.

“Just like then.”

There was no signature and no other sign of who wrote the note but we both knew. The sad part and what made me a bit angry was the fact that Sir John knew more and he was not obviously ready to tell me.

I looked at him and for a minute I felt sorry for the old chap. He looked tired and old. Traveling back to your past does not always make you feel younger. And this minute Sir John looked very old. The maid broke the silence with her entrance to the room asking if we wanted something to eat. Sir John didn’t say anything, just kept looking at the French widows and I nodded to her that we were fine. “More tea? Coffee?” She asked and again I nodded no.

I was somehow instinctively looking at door closing after the maid left when I heard Sir John’s voice. “We must do something soon.” I looked at him and it was like the old and tired man had vanished from his face. Now it was the determine knight I always knew. “I need to find something else first. Wait here, I’m coming back.” His ordering and bossing voice had also returned so I did the only thing I could; obey!

But while I had the feeling that I should think more about the letter and its sender my mind kept returning to the pastor. Harold Feelgood. The man I could not think as a representative of God for some reason but as the representative of all evil. There were just too many things about him that didn’t make sense including his surprise visit. Why would he vouch for us? Why was he there? He had actually lied, that was a strange way to follow to reach the Chapel and it was demanding a big worthless cycle, no reason to do a rainy dawn. So many whys.

“This is it.” Sir John stormed the room leaving a trace of dust behind him. “This is the damn thing Frank is talking about. Here!” and saying that he threw a long dusty cylinder to my hands. I tried to avoid it unsuccessfully. Usually I miss anything people have thrown at me to cutch but a dusty old metal cylinder came straight in my hands and all the dust of Sir John’s attic followed its fly all over my jacket.

“This is the damn thing.” Sir John shouted loud this time. “This damn thing is all I owe him.”

“And what is it?”

siron01_400“I have no bloody idea lad!”

“So how do you know that this is behind everything?”

“Because it is all that connects us since that awful night. That’s why.”

“And what’s inside?”

“Open it!” This last one came as an order, so I did.

With a small difficulty I opened it and more dust came out. And then more. And some more. All of it on my suit. My good blue suit. But there was nothing else inside the metal cylinder.

“You see?”

“The only thing I see is my ruined suit.”


“Exactly? How do you mean exactly Sir John?”

“There is no damn thing inside this bloody cylinder. No damn thing.” I looked back at the cylinder in my hand and all the dust on my suit. Right. No damn thing.

“So why all this fuss about?”

“I have no idea and I’m sure it’s not only Frank that is connected to this cylinder but our dearest Harold Feelgood is also looking for it!”

“He didn’t say anything about it.”

“He threaten us.”

“Yes, I got that. But why?”

“Because he wants something from me and the only thing I have and connects me with Frank is this damn thing.”

“And how does he know that you got it?” I looked again at the cylinder I was holding and gave it a round with both my hands. There was nothing about this damn thing. Just a metal cylinder that could be opened in two near one top. And dust inside. Nothing else.”

“He doesn’t know lad, he is looking for it and Frank warned me. ‘Owe me’ he said in his letter and everything it is in that letter. I was the only one to understand it doesn’t matter how many read the damn letter.” And after a small pause, “and I did understand it.”

Well about time for you to help me understand, Sir John otherwise my role here is limited to destroy my suits.

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