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This Wobbling Sphere
by David Sparenberg
2015-12-01 12:12:18
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This Wobbling Sphere

earth01_400There are millions on millions of people more pious than I am.  Millions on millions more courageous; more complete with integrity, humility.

Millions on millions…

who are more beautiful in body, face, mind and soul; who are deeper rooted, more radiant and more robust.
Why then is the world so crowded with noise and filled with silence?  With denied groans of misery and ignored screams of suffering?  With so much neglect, so little respect, resistance and so very few voices raised to the empowerment of protest?

Who am I?  Who recognizes me?

Earth is becoming a grotesque comedy.  One laughs until one cries.  Millions on millions are drowning in the hysteria of tears.  Earth has always been a theatre of tragedy.

Who am I?...
Why do I go on, like a condemned man, speaking out for others—others who do not or will not speak up for themselves; even less for strangers.  Who do not understand solidarity?  Who do not make their presence felt?  Who do not share the vulnerability and pathos of their humanity?

On certain days there is the collecting of snake skins and the memories of serpents are marked on public calendars.
On alternate days are gatherings of hearts that have allowed themselves to be turned to stone.  The rock formations are laid out, meticulously, along fault lines.

How has Earth become so weary, so dangerous and heavy?  Why are flowers, bright child-faced flowers, and the pollen-dionysic bees vanishing?
In the world of today, with so much fury, this wobbling sphere, where is freedom welcomed?  Where does justice flourish?

Where do the fragile fertile seeds of peace drop, that is not a seedbed of terror, atrocity?


David Sparenberg
21 Nov. 2015


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Emanuel Paparella2015-12-01 17:43:59
Indeed David, as you know, at the end of his immortal epic journey to the netherworld, having met and conversed with thousands of villains and saints, Dante too, one of the millions of scholars who have explored and described for us the human condition throughout the ages, comes to the conclusion that it is based on three essential conditions: 1) “Tua volontà, nostra pace,” [your will, our peace], and 2) “l’amore che muove il sole e le altre stelle,” [the love that moves the sun and the other stars], which is the very last verse of the Divine Comedy, explaining its purpose, and 3) the human condition is not a tragedy but a comedy; that is to say, the appearance is misleading, despite it all, the journey of humankind will end well and will fulfill not our misguided will and agenda and purposes, but His will. That is to say, the human condition, as far as Dante is concerned, is based on an epiphany: the realization that all the fretting and agitation to impose our own will, not only does not lead to peace but rather to more confusion and struggle, and that the ultimate purpose of the universe is based on its origins, on the recognition that it was created by love and for love, as even the pagan Aristotle well reasoned by dubbing it “the unmovable mover.”

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