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The Sunday News After Thanksgiving Day
by Leah Sellers
2015-11-30 10:59:23
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"Well, 'ole Poo-Poo Putin-Head is really tryin' to pluck a few tail feathers out of Turkey's bottom, for shootin' down one of Russia's airplanes, when his pilots refused to listen to Turkey's warnin's to clear out of their airspace,"  Jethro announced to his wife, Peggy Joy, as he folded his local morning newspaper in half and set it aside in order to begin chowin' down on the hot homemade buttermilk biscuits smothered with sawmill milk gravy Peggy Joy had just plopped down in front of him.
"That's what comes of Bully-Boy attitudes mistaken for Strength, instead of the true weakness of Character it really reveals about Bullies in general, especially in the middle of War, Jethro.  It bodes nothin' good and just more trouble on down the road,"  Peggy Joy retorted as she placed her own breakfast plate down on the table, refilled Jethro's empty coffee cup, filled her won, and sat down to join him at the kitchen table.
after01_400"Seems to me that an 'in your face' Bully-boy attitude is what impresses most folks when they're scared about one situation or another.  Just take a look at the polls regardin' that chest-thumpin' Trump feller.  he spends all of his stage time churnin' up folks worst natures.  Their worst Fears or he makes fun of women or disabled folks.  He behaves like some spoiled brat, twelve year old, and his fans applaud him for it,  Peggy Joy said with disgust. 
"The World will never change for the better as long as folks like him are in Power or applauded for their foolish misbehaviors, which become the whole country's misbehaviors when they decide to throw a tantrum of one kind or another with one country's leader or another, and force our Children and our Economy to pay the price for all of the misbehaviors rolled into one big, whoppin' Warrin' Mis-take.."  Peggy Joy added as she took her first sip of coffee.
"Peggy Joy, that's woman's talk.  You gotta meet force with force or plow weaker bein's down when you've got the chance, if you wanna' win in this world,"  Jethro said through a mouthful of biscuit and gravy.
"Women can be Bullies, too, Jethro, and don't think they can't. It's just that women usually do it through ugly gossip or reputation sabotage or simply corralin' a bein' out of a group or a job, which can be just as lethal as a bullet or a bomb,"  Peggy Joy replied matter-of-factly.
"Hoo-wee, you don't have to convince me, Hon.  I've seen what the Lady's Auxillary can do to any poor soul they decide to take a dislikin' to.  They are ruthless and lethal,"  Jethro agreed.
"Yes, Jethro, it has been my experience that Terrorizin' folks is not just somethin' the Terrorists do in the Middle East or elsewhere around the World.  Seems to me that our local KKK and Aryan Brotherhood and Bundyonians and Anti-Abortion Cartels, and the like, have always prided themselves on thrivin' on hatred and dissiminatin' Terror in order to feel as though they are in control of things they aren't really in control of,"  Peggy Joy added.
"What do you mean they can't control them, Peggy Joy ?  Why do you think that they have been collectin' up and stockpilin' weapons for all of these years ?  Why do you think they have been bidin' their time for a Race War they have been workin' hard to create, and make a part of the Armageddon crowd ?  Why do you think that I went out and bought us both AK-47's to hunt with.  Of course, I can't ever get you to go out huntin' with me, but....".
"Stop your complainin' Jethro.  I go out target shootin' with you all of the time, and I'm a better shot than you are.  It's just that as long as there are a bunch of dead, frozen animal carasses fillin' up the freezers at our local H.E.B. grocery stores, I see no reason to go out killin' more animals for meat,"  Peggy Joy interrupted.
"Now, if our Family were destitute and starvin' to death, then you'd see me right out there in the Huntin' Fields right along beside you, and the rest of your Huntin' Buddies.  But we're not, and so I'm not.  Besides, it makes no sense to me that y'all go out huntin' deer, birds and squirrels with high fallutin' guns that shoot a hundred bullets in a matter of seconds.  I sure don't plan to dress and clean any animal plugged full of that much lead.  In fact, those war weapons just blow those animals to smithreens, and waste a lot of meat.  I won't participate in such foolishness and waste, Jethro.  So, please, stop chastisin' me about it."  Peggy Joy said firmly while filling her own cup with more steaming coffee.
"Would you care for another refill, Hon ?"  Peggy Joy offered.
"Don't mind if I do, Sweet Pea,"  Jethro said carefully, taking his wife's hint that the topic of her ever huntin' with him was closed.....for the moment.
"Peggy Joy, you and I both know that you're Pro-Life, so why do you keep takin' up for the Abortionists and their clinics ?"  Jethro said suddenly.
"Boy howdy, you just wanna' jump out of the fryin' pan and into the fire, this mornin',"  Peggy Joy answered.  "Well, because I believe in a woman bein' able to make her own decisions about her own Body and her own Life, no matter what.  That's why."
"You, and your buddies just kill me, Jethro.  Y'all sit around and grump every time y'all get together about how we're losin' all of our Freedoms to The Government when in a democracy We the People are the Government. And to the Banks chargin' all of us fees to keep and use all of our hard earned monies for their own greedy purposes and Governmental control.  And to the Corporations, which is just another way of bad mouthin' The Man who wants to Own everything and everyone right along with the Banks most of them already control and own.  And to Technology and to Globalization which are responsible for stealin' our American jobs and our American Economy in order to give them away to Robots and cheap Slave Markets elsewhere, and the like, but when it comes to a woman bein' able to Choose what's Right for her Life and Her Body, y'all wanna' make laws turnin' 'em into Criminals, and deliberately doin' everything you can to slowly destroy the Clinics that Serve them and their Families, and give 'em the help they need to stay Healthy in every way that matters,"  Peggy Joy said heatedly.
"That makes y'all Hypocrites in my Book, Jethro.  Hy-po-crites,"  Peggy Joy stressed.  "Y'all say you hate The Man and what that mentality is doin' to our great nation and our democracy and our economy, and then you turn right around and become The Man - The Terrorist to lord it over women and what they decide they need to do for their own Lives and their own Bodies."
Jethro cleared his throat, and pointed at the mornin' paper. "You must have heard about that feller up in Colorado Springs who shot up and killed all of those folks at that Planned Parenthood Clinic."
Yes, I am, Jethro.  I heard about it on the t.v. news last night.  And that murderin' Fool is a Terrorist.  A Homegrown Terrorist.  He's no better or no worse than that those ISIS Fools pickin' up guns and revoltin' and killin' everything and everybody that comes into their cross-hairs in the name of some unGodly Cause they're Hell-bent on makin' Godly.  No different."  Peggy Joy replied shortly.
"Thanks to television and all of these computerized gadgets the whole World is bein' made to take a good, hard, long look at all of its Dis-eases that it just keeps on perpetuatin' and spreadin'.  Greed and Covetness are the two worst, because they lead to so many other Dis-eases,"  Peggy Joy declared.
"And Dis-eased Individuals become Dis-eased Societies which become Dis-eased Systems.  All of which need to be Healed and Fixed.  And you can't do that with War, Mayhem and Murder.  Those are the quick and disastrous fixes we Human Bein's go to, but they're the wrong ways to really and truly Heal what ails the World,"  Peggy Joy continued.
"They are the Wrong Way.  We have got to break this Self-Destructive Cycle Humanity is addicted to. You can only really Focus on Fixin' things when things are Stable and Peaceful.  When everyone is treated with Equal Reverence, Respect and Opportunity.  'Cause there's not one person that is absolutely equal to another Bein'.  We all have different Gifts and Talents, and some are more valued dependin' on the needs of the people at the time they happen to come along or the place they live in.  It doesn't make those folks any less important or less valuable, and so we have to have Guidelines that help folks realize the Inherent Worth in every person - every livin' bein'.  I think that's part of what Christ meant when he told all of us to "Do unto Others as You would have Them do unto You."  Peggy Joy paused.
 "That's what makes the Ideas of Democracy important, because that's what Democracy and the Bill of Rights are created to do.  And the Terrorists of the World are the Enemies and Destroyers of Democracy and the Ideas behind the Lives of All Men and Women bein' Equally Reverenced, Respected and made available to Opportunities and Individual Freedoms in the Eyes of God and Humanity."  Peggy Joy emphasized.
Jethro cleared his throat again, wiped his mouth with his peach colored paper napkin, and reached out across the table to take his wife's hand into his own.  "Might I suggest, wife of mine, that we start gettin' ready for Church.  I'm supposed to be the mornin' greeter today at the Church's front door."
Peggy Joy squeezed her husband's hand gently and patting the back of it said,  "Sounds like a good idea to me, Hon.  It bein' the Thanksgivin' Season and all, We've got a lot to be Grateful for right now.  Because unlike many others around the World, we're still livin' in a nation Blessed with relative Peace and Stability.  And that's a lot more than some other Folks around the World can say.  And we need to Pray for them All.  And Pray for Peace and Stablity for one All.  And for the Repetitive Insanity of the World to be seen for what it Is - really Is - Repetitive and Insane.  And for Everybody in the World to Work Together to Change the World and it's Workin's for the Betterment of One and All."
"You sound like a preacher, Peggy Joy.  Maybe you missed your callin,' Baby,"  Jethro joked.
"Well, maybe I did.  In my day, I was brought up that a Woman's Place in the World was simply to be a good Housewife and Mother.  I was not taught to to think about bein' a Career Girl.  In fact, Career Girls were looked at with disdain in my Community,"  Peggy Joy said pointedly.
"My daddy always taught me to play dumb when datin'.  Because boys did not like smart-pants girls.  And he discouraged me every way possible when he found out that I wanted to go to college.  He just wanted me married and out of the house,"  Peggy Joy reminisced.
She smiled sadly at Jethro, "You Boys have no idea how privileged you have been throughout the years.  I'm glad to see the Young Girls of today bein' raised to be more than what I was raised to be.  They have so many Opportunities today due to the Hard and Dangerous Work of other Women of every generation to make sure that their daughters would have a freer and more fulfillin'' Life than what they had."
"Are you so disappointed in the Life we've built together, Peggy Joy ?"  Jethro plainly asked.
"Oh no, Jethro.  We've built a Good Life together.  It's all I've known and ever will know.  I am Grateful for it and Content.  Now, you run on upstairs and start gettin' ready for Church, while I clean up the table, and take care of things down here.  I'll be up right behind you, as soon as I'm done."  Peggy Joy said cheerily.
With that, Jethro got up from the table and clomped upstairs, while Peggy Joy took her last swig of luke-warm coffee, and got busy with the regular routine of her Sunday morning.

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