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Road Buggies, Recession, Depression, Obama (V3)
by Michael Lee Johnson
2015-11-26 11:04:36
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Road Buggies, Recession, Depression, Obama (V3)
peac01_400Faith is here, but so is fear.
Mirror held reflection vision of our times.
Skelton bone, starvation, and Indian folklore;
George W. Bush, Yale playboy drunk, transition,
best jackass of the decade candidate,
layover, hangover, fussy cat eater-
residual economic leaves that were left over’s
convenient forgot to rake, residual links.
Daddy asked me to come home to the oil fields
comfort, and keep my mouth shut.
Sky blues, anxieties touch nerves, resorts
to prayers, however do you define it:  Muhammad
drenched in Islam and child perversion, Christianity
Jesus Christ no sin, Buddhism many gods
in a shack, a sling shot for hope.
Buddha, the wasted years, the big belly
that has always needed a diet.
All are sinners of the clove and the garlic.
Piles of money mount in an Arab land.
Wasted dollars in Iraq that could have been
used for health care.
Simple sentences poetic and prose,
syntax undefined in desert sand nights.
Notes, bitches to myself:
$50,000 Hummer,
struts bumping
up down
pop holed streets.
Recession, depression, Obama
George W. Bush.


Michael Lee Johnson kindly made available for us an audio, reading of the poem. You can listen to it, HERE!


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