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by David Sparenberg
2015-11-23 09:18:30
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world01_400From far off in space
the noble ones look
down and say,
there is the place of violence
the cosmic dysfunction
mayhem, asylum
the suffering bleeding-ground
and battlefield of war.”
“There is a species there
the Terror-ists.
From them
Earth is called Terra.”
Ah! Now what if
someday the far away
visionaries look back
prepare re-visitation and
with smiles among themselves and
musings, say,
“Earth, beautiful Earth:
the home of joy
fatherland of freedom
mother lode of
dignity, motherhood of peace.”
that happy blue-green harmony
the wild of wisdom
of diversity: the destination.”
“There is a species there
the Avatars. The Tribes. The Watchers.
Through them
the Earth is Blessed.”


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Emanuel Paparella2015-11-23 15:51:21
Indeed, a long time ago, in times disparagingly dubbed retrograde and “medieval” there was a poet named Dante who, in his imagination, journeyed to the moon on his way from hell to heaven and while pausing a while there saw the earth (la terra) rise up on the horizon in all its splendor and beauty as a blue jewel in the middle of the sky, and he is prompted to exclaim in wonder and awe: “E vidi quell’aiuola che ci fa tanto selvaggi,” translatable as “And I saw that flower-bed which makes us such savages.”

That prophetic vision has been around for more than seven centuries now, it is read in graduate courses on Dante all over the world and to be sure the visionaries are still around, together with the scholars and the teachers, to remind us of that poetic contrast between beauty and ugliness; what is still urgently needed are genuine listeners who react appropriately to it. Let those who have ears, let them hear.

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