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A Wailing Time with No Wall
by Leah Sellers
2015-11-24 13:21:45
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“Dragons fall from the skies full of terrified and disbelieving Lives lost in Fire and Smoke.  Homebound, Peaceful Dragons of Global transport and commerce.  Dragons filled with Loved Ones Netherworld bound.”

“Mother, you are making no sense.  You need to rest,” the Faithful Daughter said consolingly.

“There is no rest for me ever again.  I am restless with impotent rage.  I am filled with the Fire and Smoke of needing to have my Loved Ones Avenged.  Even though I know these Feelings and Thoughts, if put into action, will make me no better than the Mad Monsters who decided to bring down the Dragon, and my Loved Ones.  My Life.  I will be no better than the very creatures I want with all of my Heart to kill,” the Grieving Mother answered listlessly.

“ ‘An Eye for an Eye.  A Tooth for a Tooth.  A Life for a Life’.  Is that not the way of it ?   But that Way has led to Madness and ruin for Ages.”

“You have every right to have these Dark Feelings and Thoughts, Mother.  They live within my bosom as well,” the Faithful Daughter admitted.

“Yes, we have every right to Feel and Think them.  But to Act upon them only perpetuates the Madness and the Monsters.  And the Madness and Monster Making must stop, Daughter.”

terr01_400“These Terrorists are Cowards.  They go after what SomeOne Loves and Cherishes or those not protected behind bureaucratic/military defenses.  They are Harbingers of rigid, unyielding Tenets, Prayers and Violent Actions of Hatred and Soul Obliteration of those who differ from them – who disagree with their Authoritarian and Controlling Views and Aspirations,” the Grieving Mother said with numb decisiveness.

“What Fools the Terrorists are.  They think that by murdering our Loved Ones they are striking at our weaknesses, but they are gravely Mistaken.  The People and things, like the ancient desert ruins and our cultural artifacts that they have destroyed and scattered like the burned flesh and bones of our Loved Ones, are our greatest Strengths.  They are the bulwarks of our Individual and Cultural Minds, Hearts and Souls.”

“These hate-filled and malicious actions of the Terrorists will be their UnDoing, eventually.  These Terrorists are the Beasts of Burden of our people’s generational hatreds, sorrows, disappointments, ignorance, hubris, greed, and needs for Revenge and a Day of Reckoning for all of the wrongs we feel have been wrought against us by our own leaders and the people from the West.  People from Outside of our Culture and Understanding.  But what have the Peoples from the Outside done to us that we have not done to Ourselves ?”

“And now, we have these Modern Children hiding and training in the Deserts and Mountains to become Terrorists from all around the World.  Children in search of Meaning and Purpose in and for their Lives.  Some of them raised with these Machines they spend hours playing Games of War and Death upon.”

“They have become Attuned to viewing the World as Half Real and Half Ether.  They play their War Games as though the World they are trying to manipulate and control is Half Real and Half Etherscape.”

“But my Dead Children.  My Dead Family were Real !  Very Real !  And the Terrorists have sent my Beloveds into the Cosmological Etherscape of Eternity !”  The Grieving Mother cried out tearfully.

“In my Heart of Darkness, Daughter, I Feel and Think that when we find the Malicious Children sprung from the Bad Seeds spawned by years and years of War and Chaos, bitter viciousness, bad Leaderships, meddling Outsiders and Tribal Rivalries upon these Lands of the Middle East, that We who have lost our Beloveds to these Endless Wars within Wars, We will send you all to an Etherscape of the Eternal Torturous Flames to which you have Chosen to Belong, and make all of us a part of !”

“But I know that I, too, am a part of this Terrible Fever and Dis-ease which rages through our Lands, our Homes, our Families and our World.”

“Daughter, I do not Feel or Think that the West is the Great Satan.  The West, and all Outsiders, are merely different Cultures with different Rituals and Traditions to be Observed, Studied, Understood, Worked with in Positive and Meaningful ways for all of our many Nations’ Children’s Future’s Benefit and Prosperity.  They have made their Share of MIs-takes and Mis-steps, but so have We All.”

“The Westerners, and all Outsiders, are but People to Engage and Build Bridges with toward Mutual Understandings and Relationships.”

“I am too Angry and filled with Hate at this Moment in Time, to think well of all of the Outsiders, Mother,” the Faithful Daughter said passionately.

“Your Anger and Hatred are justified, Daughter.  But they should not become your Guiding Stars.  Anger and Hatred can be movers and shakers, yes.  But if they are not focused and controlled, given Ears, Eyes, a Mouth, a beating Heart, Thoughtful Mind and enlivened Soul, then they become the Great Destroyers and Annihilators of Cultures and Civilizations.”

“Anger and Hatred will get us nowhere and we will all end up with Nothing on a ruined Planet of Nothingness.  That is Folly for one and all.  A Fool’s Black Hole Journey.”

“When our Culture’s Dark Heart and Actions were consumed by the Terrorists and allowed to slowly poison their very Souls, and the Foundations of our great Lands, we all began to unravel and Lose Our Way, Daughter.”

“But when these Terrorists regain their Humanity, if ever they do.  When they are gone either by murder or a Return to the Balance of their Minds and Souls, then all of Us shall ReBuild – ReDream and ReEnvision a new and better World of Peace, Cultural Harmonies, and Positive Creations and Planetary Manifestations.”

“I must hold onto these Feelings and Thoughts of Peace and Goodwill toward All, Daughter, or I will be UnDone,” the Grieving Mother confessed.

“We can Do Better.  We can Be Better.  We must Be and Do Better before we all Devour and Destroy one another with our various Dis-eases, Violent Actions and ReActions.  A Black Hole Cycle of Annihilation for One and All.  For the very Planet we are Blessed to call our spiraling Home within the Heavens.”

“Now, walk with me, Daughter.  It is a Time to Wail and Weep bitter tears of Loss and Future Healing with no Wall.  It is a Time for me to bury My Children.  For Us to bury Our Family.”

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