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Two Terrorists Talking Terrorism
by Leah Sellers
2015-11-19 08:40:08
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“Ah Politics.  The wonder and folly of the Political Seasons,”  Jihadi Number One sighed.

“They are much advantageous Seasons of Time filled with manipulative potentialities, Jihadi Number two,”  Jihadi Number One added.

“How so, oh Illustrious One ?”  Jihadi Number Two earnestly asked.

“Well, for instance, in America the 2016 Presidential Elections draw nigh.  And as a diehard Terrorist – a far thinking Terrorist.  One of many Terrorists who have not been able to get the present American President Obama to take the bait in all of my pre-set and re-set goading and provocative Honey Traps to get The Great Western Satan to fight us, in mass, on the ground once again in our Middle Eastern Lands so that Armageddon – the UnHoly Holy Jihad that I so badly crave to bring about – to ignite might come to fruition….” Jihadi Number One paused in extreme agitation.

“And that very same President Obama has been diminishing my, our, Caliphate, my Jihadi Brother.  He and the loosey-goosey coalition he and Secretary Kerry have been trying to get to work effectively together for quite some time are working overtime to behead our Royal Caliphate’s poisonous Head.”

“They are making all of us Terrorists of ISIL/ISIS, and others of our ilk feeding off of the recruiting energies of our Caliphate, just another nomadic, guerilla stylized gathering of conscienceless warriors, hitting and missing our destructive designs locally and globally here and there as others of our ilk, like Al Qaeda and the Taliban have always done.”

ter01_400_01“Well, this Jihadi, for one, has had enough.  During this fomenting Political Season full of rabid, War Mongering Republicans chomping at the bits to unleash their Ego driven personas all over the World will have my, our help.”

“We must do everything in our power to assure that panic - that fear-based and hate-filled reactions and actions rule the day.  Because these negative energies will only add to and further empower my, our, negative Terroristic Energies.”

“And, so, we had to attack Paris this time.  The City of Light and Liberty and Fraternity.  We had to get one of our European Viper Nest’s Hatchlings to massacre unarmed Innocents.  We had to create a ruthless bloodbath in order to shock the World.  Because we want to shock them to the far Right – the hard-fisted, bellicose, Close all of the Borders, spend all of our national monies on War Machines and Troops instead of Social Programs to help the Living, xenophobic, discriminatory, authoritarian, fascist prone Right.”

“But why, Jihadi Number One ?”

“Because the energies of Right are more like ours.  They are more compatible, and because of that are more drawn into our Honey Traps.  They are chomping at the bits to get their Infidel Children’s Boots on our soil.  Some of their Christian leaders want to see the Armageddon they continue to preach about, because they are empowered by it.”

“Their instincts are much like ours.  Unlike most on the Left, many of those on the Right prefer a divided World in which they are the Superior Overlords and Overseers.  They, like us, are more punishing and exclusionary by design.  More unforgiving, revenge seeking, relentlessly intolerant of difference or equal freedoms for one and all.”

“Don’t you see, Jihadi Number Two, that is supreme Allah (God) led manipulation.  To get our enemy, the Western Infidels, to finally over react the way we want them to.  To have the so called loosey-goosey Coalition to push the Fear Monger Boogie and War Monger Jive and Twist down the throat of Obama and his Advisors who have been holding us at bay, and slowly, methodically, but quite effectively whittling us, and our Caliphate, down to size.”

“To have their own Politicians on the Right unknowingly join their energies and efforts with ours is genius on our parts.  Sheer genius, and the will of Allah !”

“We will teach the Western Infidels !  We are Terroristic Demons !  Mighty King Kongs !  Godzillas !  Werewolves !  The Boogie Men and Women who go Bump in the Night !  The Monsters of their and our own making of the World !  We will manipulate you all any time we like – you Fools !”

“We beg all of you Western Infidels, please, Let your Fears and Hatreds move you to the Right.  Vote Right !  Let Fear, War, Hate and Armageddon win the day !”

“The World’s local and global Jihadi Joes, Janes and John’s want it that way.  You’re saving us a lot of Work, time, energy, troops and supplies when you finally decide to lead yourselves to the slaughter, and give us a World filled with more Recruits of your Fears, Hatreds and Warring’s making.”

“Please, reject all of the Muslim Refugees.  Send them back to Syria and the Middle East for us to Rule over.  Send them to your Refugee City to rot in filth, and learn to hate you and seek revenge against you for jailing them in Refugee Concentration Camps to suffer and linger within dying Hopes for their Futures.”

“Because we will take them in, teach them to fight for the glory of Allah and the Utopian Caliphate we are trying to create.  Allahu Akbar !”

“We Islamic Radicals – we Terrorists are happy and gratified by the fact that most of the Infidel Western Christians don’t really live by their own Christ’s Belief Systems of bringing Light, Love, Communication, Outreach, Open Minds and Hearts and Healing for one and all, because those things are our worst enemies.”

“Those tenets of Universal Love and Compassion diminish us Terrorists and diminish our Caliphate.  Because our Utopian Caliphate is built upon the blood, guts, gore, suffering, and pain of others.”

‘Our sacrifice for a Heaven filled willing virgins and other intriguing behaviors and delights is a Bomb strapped to our flesh and bone Bodies – a Bullet to our Head or our Heart taken gladly and in glory for our cause – for Allah !”

“Allah, to most Muslims, may be Loving and merciful, but not the Allah, and inhabitants, of our Islamic Utopian Caliphate and Rule.  For we are here to lay waste to the World, and lay waste to difference, freedoms, tolerance, equality for one and all, and all useless, sinful ideas like them.”
“We are energized and glorified by murder, mayhem, chaos, and ruination.  In our Mosques we worship a fire-burning brand of Allah.  A Destroyer Allah !  We must have Hell on Earth for our Heaven to exist !”
“We are the Thugs and Murders for and of Allah !  We kill indiscriminately !  We relish the killing of ourselves and others for the glorification and the edification of Allah, and our version of Heaven !  They are the blood sacrifice for the purification of the Earth for the Children of Allah !”
“In turning the World against all Muslims, all those roads lead to Our Islamic Caliphate and our empowerment from there.  When rejected out of Fear and Hatred by the Western Infidels, and the rest of the World, they will have to turn and return to us.”
“How powerful we are now.  What an Ego rush to know that what the World calls Murder or against the Laws of the Land is transformed and made Right when done in the name of Allah !   Allah justifies and edifies all who Choose to Live for His higher purposes and the great deeds done for his glory and within his Will and Calling !”
“We are empowered and magnified – made SuperHuman and Righteous as Evil Doers – as Demons and Monsters within the name and edification of Allah !  Allah excuses all !  Allah is the Excuse and justification for all of the atrocities we Do !  Allahu Akbar !
“We are the UnHoly Holy Ones !  Watch our World – we come for you !  The whole World is our Puppet on stings and oh the things we will do to you and deliberately put you through !”
“We move and Recruit through the Etherscapes and Earthly Landscapes !  We are everywhere !  We are your neighbor, your co-worker, your Game boy Competitor, your Family member.”
“Are you looking for a Job or Life Skills, and a steady pay cheque ?  We’ll givethem to you.  We’ll make you Killing Machines and Warriors for Allah and the Islamic Caliphate !”
“We will honor your Suicides !  You will be Eternal Heroes and Allah will reward your heroism in Heaven !  While we more important Leaders comfortably stay behind and continue making more of you Suicidal Warriors of and For Allah !”
“What is most important Jihadi Number Two is that you understand place within the Caliphate, and the Eyes of Allah.  And I, and others leaders like me, will always define that place for you, because we know best, as Allah knows and wants what is best for you and our Utopian Islamic Caliphate.”
“Thank you, for these Life’s Lessons, Jihadi Number One.  But if you will excuse me.  I was not aware that so much time had passed.  I am late for Bomb Making Class.  Please, excuse my having to leave your wise counsel.”
“Think nothing of it, Jihadi Number Two.  I, too, have other duties to attend to.  It is almost time for my Game Boy Match with a possible Recruit.  Go with Allah’s Blessings !  Go and become the most Terrorizing Terrorist you can become for the Radical Islamic Utopian Caliphate !

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