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The Chapel - Part 5
by Theodore K. Nasos
2015-11-17 09:02:58
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A soft knock at the door woke me and from the light coming from the window I realized that morning was long past. Even though the crime had been committed very close to my small apartment; the police station and Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett were closer to Sir John’s comfortable house.

The questioning had lasted till morning and Chief Inspector had force Sir John to repeat his words again and again and me listen to them again and again. And all that while there was no improvement in the tea and the cup remained dirty.

“Let’s say that you are right and the man who committed the crime was an old acquaintance of yours named Frank. Correct?” Sir John nodded. “And he run away after murdering the poor cook because he recognized you, correct?” Sir John didn’t answer again but his face was saying, correct. “And how did you know that Frank would go there tonight to kill a man?”

“I didn’t, it was a logical thought and murder was not in my mind. More meeting was what I had in mind.” Sir John said slowly. “I knew that the man knew Frank the minute I saw him in the Chapel, the minute he looked at me.”

sir01_400_01“And of course you didn’t say anything but you decided to play detective, Sherlock Holms on the green cape and decided to wait in front of his house in the middle of the night.” Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett was frustrated. “Not exactly, I just had a hunch…”

“Which appeared ...how? Was it the holy Holms spirit or something?” Chief Inspector interrupted Sir John’s thoughts angrily. “No, a woman told me that Frank is in serious trouble and that I would find his traces in the Chapel.”

“And of course you went to the Chapel.”

“Of course.”

“And who was this ... er ...woman?”


“Emily what?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

“Where can I find her?”

“I don’t know.”

Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett stormed out of the room, face bright red and the little hair he had left flying from all sides of his head. I never seen anybody with so red ears in my life. For a moment I thought that fires will come out from his ears. But he just said nothing and left the room.

“Sir John, who was that woman?”

“Don’t know lad. She was waiting for me in front my door two days ago, early in the morning; she said everything I said and then vanished in the city.”

“You didn’t tell me anything.”

“You didn’t say anything.”

“Say what lad? A strange woman, I never met before named Emily stopped me in front of my door and told me to look for an old army comrade in a Chapel? Does that sound important to you now if you hadn’t seen a murder with your own eyes?” He was right. I would have actually question his judgment if he had told me anything like that two days ago.

Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett was back standing at the door with a steaming hot cup of tea in hands. Well it was not just tea because strong smell of whisky had fast invaded the room seconds before him.

“Sir John, I know you for more than twenty years.”

“Right,” answered Sir John looking at him. “I was actually member of the honours squad when the Old Queen awarded you with a medal.”

“I don’t really remember you but you told me many times and I have no reason to doubt you.”

“Yes I was there and I was so proud to be part of that glorious moment.” For a minute the Chief Inspector kept quiet. “And for the past twenty years it has been many times I benefitted from your advice and counselling.” Sir John just knotted shyly.

“For twenty years you have never lied to me or tricked me in any way. Always Sir John. Always the honourable war hero I admired, always the wise man I felt like mentor.” He stopped for a minute.

“Have you got any idea how crazy your story sounds?”

“Only because it is the truth.”

This was the sixth time the last couple of hours I was listening the same exchange and the next step was with Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett to say that they should start all over again.

“Yes the truth. The truth.” Chief Inspector said. “The truth is that if there were no witnesses you would have been our main suspect, Sir John. That’s the truth.”

“Witnesses you said Chief Inspector?”

“Witnesses, witnesses. Because if it was just your assistance…” He didn’t say anything more but we both understood and I felt like fainting with the thought that somebody wouldn’t believe Sir John.

“Who was the other one Christopher? Somebody from the neighbourhood?” The Chief Inspector didn’t seem to notice the sudden change with Sir John using his Christian name. “Actually it was the tall pastor from the Chapel. The same chapel our victim used to work. And he was on his way to the Chapel for his morning prays when everything happened.”

“The pastor,” it was the only thing that came out of Sir John’s mouth.

“Yes, yes and his testimony totally verifies everything you said. So Sir John you are free to go. Just be around in a case I have more questions.” And with that Chief Inspector Christopher Bennett left the room slowly looking like a man who had add a few more years on his shoulders these last few hours.

On the way back to his house, Sir John didn’t say a word and when I excused myself for a few hours’ sleep again he didn’t say anything. Now I was awake again, dressed and had my first coffee of the day and a toast with butter and thick strawberry jam a maid had brought in my room while I was having a shave. I was actually looking forward to see Sir John and I was sure that our search for Frank was staring with this mysterious Emily.

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