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The reality of the workplace
by Jay Gutman
2015-11-06 08:29:59
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Having been a recruiter myself, I know that a lot of appointments are made on a whim, often to communicate something to one particular person or to the entire organization, or to outsiders in the organization. Recruiters very rarely look at credentials or qualifications when hiring someone.

For example, if the recruiter has personal issues with his boss, and that his boss has expressed some ill feelings toward minorities, what a recruiter will often do is hire three African-Americans just to give his boss a piece of his mind. The recruiter will often overlook essential criteria, and those hired will often not be up to the task.

It’s no secret than when hiring people recruiters will often try to guess the physical attributes of applicants if not picture is available on the resume, or try to snoop around social media to see if the physical attributes conform the expectations. In the increasingly perverted world we live in, many recruiters will go for applicants who have the “sluttiest” profiles on social media, and will hire two or three other people, either men or people thought of as unattractive to avoid suspicions.

Sometimes, highly qualified people will be hired in an attempt to destroy them. For example, some companies where recruiters did not graduate university, have ill feelings toward education or dislike the fact that their children are performing poorly in school will hire Harvard or Ivy league graduates and bully them into losing their confidence about their education’s worth. Unsuspecting Ivy league graduates will take the position before their job becomes a nightmare. Other people will be chosen for promotions, they will be given heavy workloads and more direct forms of bullying will be used.

work01_400Yet another tactic used by recruiters is to hire a very low-skilled or unqualified candidate just to make the department where the candidate will work angry. For example, there can be feuds between human resources and a certain department because of late wages, unpaid overtime or mistakes in handling their cases. Human resources often take revenge on that department by hiring a very low-skilled worker for a high-skilled job and to force the department to “suck it up” by refusing to fire the worker when the department finds out that the worker is not skilled.

We live in a world where too much technology is used at work, where Human Resources and other departments often have to use faulty and complicated software to report almost every action done and every penny spent. Companies are overusing technology by constantly telling workers to check boxes and input data, and are often violent with workers when the data is not correctly put in or when there are mistakes done with the software.

This overuse of technology became the trend around 2008 and has been stressful for a lot of workers and has caused a lot of workers to have more stress than they can bare. Such stress is often evacuated by watching gruesome videos or very violent pornography, by cynicism and ill feelings toward humanity and by thoughts of murder or use of violence at the workplace. Every statistic has shown that violence at the workplace has exploded, that burnout is causing an increasing number of deaths and that employee satisfaction has never been lower.

Soaring housing prices has also caused workers to seek housing further and further from their workplace leading to long commutes and inflation has forced wives to take jobs which leads to couples hardly ever talking to each other.

The remedies? Reduce technology to the strict minimum at the workplace, stop automatically providing mortgages (we live in a world where job security is an illusion) and stop encouraging everyone out there to invest in the stock market and buy real estate using borrowed money. Maybe that’s just an illusion.

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