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From the south with love...
by Gordana Mudri
2015-11-04 12:09:28
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From the south with love...

The windows of the spacious, elegant room were shaded by thick curtains, providing a pleasant shade. The summer months were tolerable inside the thick walls with good wine and food. The men around the table didn’t have to think too much about everyday life. They were sitting around a large table, relaxed, enjoying a game of cards and jokes. For a long time they were living sheltered from the everyday problems. The decision was common: escape from the stress for a while. They didn't count days. They just enjoyed it and the only effort they invested was to outwit their opponents in a game of cards. And occasionally listen to the complaints coming from the women in the next room. True, women didn't obstruct them much. That was the deal. Holidays for all and returning to reality when the male part of the company decides to. And man were not in a hurry. They had everything they needed, with the wine the most important.

- A good year - concluded one while filling a glass for the umpteenth time.

- Wasn't bad - a man a bit absently nodded from the opposite side of the table.

gor01_400_02- I can't remember you ever having a bad harvest. What's the reason of your success?

- A good soil and the sun - he smiled nonchalantly - and effort, of course.

The first man roared with laughter.

- I don't remember you ever bending your back in the vineyards. Without those islanders, there would be no wine!

- I never said it depends on my effort. I'm rarely in one place, but it is important that they know who the boss is.  After all, they benefit from a good harvest too.

- That's fine ... If they were not there, who knows what we would drink now.

A satisfied smile flickered over his face and he triumphantly laid his cards on the table.

- You old bastard! - Cried the winemaker, angrily throwing his own cards - You don't care for wine! You're distracting us!

- Your own wine hit your brain and now you're blaming me - laughed the first one - Is it just me or you could endure any more drink earlier?

- I challenge you to find out! I'm sure you can't surpass me!

- We'll leave that for another time. I need a break - he lazily rose from the table and stretched himself and then walked toward the door.

- I'm going to check what's going on in the female side. For a long time none of them said anything toxic - he smiled - It's better to let them anticipate and give them some attention.

He stopped near the curtained windows.

- What's that noise outside?

- It's summer and it's full of tourists. What did you expect?

- It doesn't seem to me that was like that before...

He pulled back the heavy curtain and strong sunlight blinded him for a moment. He blinked several times and looked out the window.

- I see nothing but trees. Is it not supposed to be a protected location in a secluded place? Without hustling and bustling around? I'm going to see what's going on!

He moved to the door. In a room filled with sunlight their wives were resting, reclining on sofas. Some of them were reading, some were entertained with embroidery. Only one was anxiously standing by the door, wide open to the terrace.

- Hello ladies! - He spoke to them with a smile on his face - Anyone knows what that noise is coming from outside?

A woman close to the door threw an angry glance at him.

- Finally - she murmured, without moving her eyes.

- What's happening, darling?

- What is happening?! I warned you it would happen! I told you that break should not take too long!

- I told you! I told you! Does every of our conversations must start and end with this?! - He was angry.

He went out to a spacious marble terrace, staring at the trees on the slope in front of the villa.

- This was supposed to be a protected place - he muttered to himself - without a lot of visitors.

 - It was! Once! - Cried the woman behind him - If all of you, there in that room, took care about something else; not only wine and entertainment, you would have seen what is happening, long time ago! I told you that we can’t leave everything unattended for so long!

 He looked at her in amazement, scratching behind his ear. He didn't want a fight. After all, it seemed to him that they really had no contact with the outside world for a long time.

- Come on, tell the others and let's see what happens.

They left the shade of the luxurious villa and headed through the tree-alley, toward the valley. The voices that entered discomfort in their idyllic world were becoming stronger and more chaotic.

- What the hell?! - He stopped appalled, staring at the mass of people - Who are these people?!  What language is that?!

- One of the Middle East languages - replied the young woman behind him.

- Well, how many of them are here?! What are they doing here? These are not tourists!

- They're coming from across the sea...

- They come here? Why? There are too many of them!

- They cannot go any further ... The guards are at the borders.

Puzzled, he looked at the young woman behind him, and then again he looked at the crowd of dark-skinned people, slowly walking among them. The rest of the group followed him in silence. They circled through the squares and streets. The city they remembered had change. There was no joy and joyful faces; there was no feasting and drinking in the taverns. Only sorrow and misery and a bunch of desperate people scattered in neglected streets.

- We have to solve this! - He was resolute.

- It's that so? - Mockingly replied his wife.

- Athena, you said they were coming across the sea ... Poseidon, move your ass there immediately and stop them. Or at least slow them down...

- What do you want me to do? To soak them together with the ships?!

- Do what you want, but stop them! Dionysus, how much wine is left?

- How much do you need?

- Take everything we have and go to the northern border! Hephaestus, go with him! Get the soldiers drunk and trick the guards, let the people pass. Their accumulation here doesn't make any sense. Apollo, you will follow these people on their way! Take care of them.

- On the way ...where?

- Lead them to the north.

- Are you crazy! - Cried his wife - Do you think that Asi in the north will just stand watching while you send all those people their way? Do we need a quarrel with them? Odin will freak out!

- Do you have a better idea, Hera? It's time to awake them. After all, we'll send Asgard gifts - he continued unflinchingly.

- You don't think he will lead them up to Asgard?! You must teasing me! Or do you deliberately sending these people to their destruction? You know they can't go over the Rainbow Bridge.

- He will not lead them up to Asgard, but as further to the north, the better - he interrupted her.

- Ares, you will go to the areas they came from!  Immediately!  Find out what's happening there and do what you can.

They went without any discussion, each with his assigned task.

 Zeus slowly headed back to Olympus.

- I really hope you know what you're doing - Hera suspiciously shook her head – Don't say I didn't warn you when the Northern Gods start a war.

- There you go again with your warnings! The only thing I want now is to see this country to shine again and the people to laugh once more!

- And you think that this sea of people that you'll send to the north will bring all this? You really slept for too long, my dear. You'll have to give much more effort to bring this country back to the former glory.

- Then, it will be so.

The tide of people went through the open roads, irreversibly changing the old continent. From his sheltered throne Zeus supervised caused change, waiting for a reaction from The North.

And The Twilight of the Gods began.


S juga s ljubavlju...

Prozori prostrane, otmjene sobe bili su zasjenjeni gustim zavjesama, osiguravajući ugodnu hladovinu. Ljetni mjeseci bili su podnošljiviji unutar debelih zidina, uz dobro vino i hranu  muškarci oko stola nisu previše razmišljali o svakodnevici.  Sjedili su okupljeni oko velikog stola, opušteno uživajući u kartanju i šalama. Već dugo vremena živjeli su zaklonjeni od svakodnevnih problema. Odluka je bila zajednička: pobjeći od stresa na neko vrijeme. Nisu brojili dane. Jednostavno su uživali i jedini napor koji su ulagali bilo je nadmudriti protivnika u kartanju. I povremeno slušati prigovore žena iz susjedne sobe. Istina, nisu ih previše ometale. Takav je bio dogovor. Odmor za sve i povratak u stvarnost kad muški dio društva tako odluči. A njima se nije žurilo. Imali su sve što im treba. Vino je bilo najvažnije.

- Dobra godina – zaključio je jedan, puneći čašu po tko zna koji put.

 - Nije bila loša – pomalo odsutno je kimnuo  muškarac preko puta.

 - Ne pamtim kad si ti imao lošu berbu. Čemu to možeš zahvaliti?

- Dobroj zemlji i suncu – nasmijao se nonšalantno – I trudu, naravno.

Prvi se muškarac grohotom nasmijao.

- Ne sjećam se da si ti ikad savijao leđa u vinogradima. Da ti nema onih otočana ne bi ni bilo vina!

gor02_400- Nisam ni rekao da ovisi o mojem trudu. Ja sam i onako rijetko na jednom mjestu, ali važno je da na otoku znaju tko je gazda. Uostalom, i oni imaju koristi od dobre berbe.

- Neka, neka… Da nam nije njih tko zna što bi sada pili.

 Zadovoljni smiješak zatitrao mu je licem i pobjedonosno je položio karte na stol.

- Pokvarenjače stari! – uzviknuo je vinar, ljutito bacajući svoje karte – Nije tebe zanimalo vino! Samo si nam skretao pažnju!

- Vlastito ti je vino udarilo u glavu pa sam sad ja kriv – nasmijao se – Čini li mi se samo, ili si nekada mogao puno više popiti?

 - Izazivam te da se uvjeriš! Siguran sam da me ne možeš nadmašiti!

- Ostavit ćemo to za drugi put. Treba mi predah – lijeno je ustao od stola i protegnuo se, a onda se uputio prema vratima.

- Idem provjeriti što je sa ženskom stranom. Već dugo ni jedna nije navratila prosipati otrov – nasmijao se – Bolje ih je preduhitriti i dati im malo pažnje.

Zastao je pored zasjenjenih prozora.

- Kakva je to galama vani?

- Ljeto je i sve je puno turista. Što očekuješ?

- Ne čini mi se da je prije bilo tako...

Razvukao je tešku zavjesu i jaka sunčeva svjetlost zaslijepila ga je na trenutak. Trepnuo je nekoliko puta i zagledao se kroz prozor.

- Ne vidim ništa od ovog drveća. Nije li ovo trebalo biti zaštićeno mjesto  na osami? Bez gužve i buke uokolo? Idem vidjeti što se događa!

Produžio je do sljedeće sobe. U svjetlom okupanoj prostoriji odmarale su žene, udobno zavaljene u sofama. Neke su čitale, neke se zabavljale vezom. Samo je jedna zabrinuto stajala pored širom otvorenih vrata terase.

- Pozdrav moje dame! – obratio im se sa smiješkom na licu – Zna li koja  kakva je to galama vani?

Žena pored vrata presjekla ga je ljutitim pogledom.

- Konačno – promrmljala je ne skidajući pogled.

- Što se događa, draga?

- Što se događa?! Ono što sam te upozorila da će se desiti! Rekla sam ti da odmor ne smije predugo trajati!

- Rekla sam ti! Rekla sam ti! Mora li svaki naš razgovor tako početi i završiti?! – ljutio se.

Izašao je na prostranu mramornu terasu i zagledao se u drveće na padini ispred vile.

- Ovo je trebalo biti zaštićeno mjesto – promrmljao je sam za sebe – bez puno posjetilaca.

- Bilo je! Nekad! – povikala je žena za njim – Da vama tamo u onoj sobi nije stalo samo do vina i zabave, davno bi vidjeli što se događa! Rekla sam ti da ne možemo sve ostaviti bez nadzora tako dugo!

Začuđeno ju je pogledao i počešao se iza uha. Nije želio svađu. Uostalom, i njemu se činilo da već jako dugo nisu imali nikakav kontakt s vanjskim svijetom.

- Hajde, reci ostalima, idemo vidjeti što se događa.

Napustili su hladovinu raskošne vile i zaputili se drvoredom prema nizini. Glasovi koji su unijeli nemir u njihov idilični svijet postajali su sve jači i kaotičniji.

- Koji vrag?! – zgroženo je zastao, zagledan u masu ljudi – Tko su ovi ljudi?! Kojim to jezikom govore?!

- Jedan od jezika sa srednjeg istoka – odgovorila je mirno mlada žena iza njega.

- Pa, koliko ih je?! Što rade ovdje? To nisu turisti!

- Dolaze reko mora...

- Dolaze ovamo? Zašto? Previše ih je!

- Ne mogu dalje... Čuvari su na granicama.

Zbunjeno je pogledao mladu ženu iza sebe, a onda se opet zagledao u gomilu tamnoputih ljudi i polako krenuo među njih. Ostatak društva bez riječi je krenuo za njim. Obilazili su trgove i ulice. Grad kojeg su se sjećali promijenio je izgled. Nije bilo veselja i radosnih lica, nije se slavilo i točilo po konobama; samo tuga i bijeda i gomila očajnih ljudi raštrkanih po zapuštenim ulicama.

- Ovo moramo riješiti! – bio je odlučan.

- Bilo bi i vrijeme – podrugljivo je odgovorila njegova žena.

- Atena, rekla si da dolaze preko mora... Posejdone, istog časa nosi svoje dupe tamo i zaustavi ih. Ili barem uspori...

- Što hoćeš? Da ih potapam skupa s brodovima?

- Radi što hoćeš, ali zaustavi ih! Dionize, koliko vina još imamo?

- Koliko ti treba?

- Uzmi sve što imaš i kreni na sjevernu granicu!  Hefeste, ti ideš s njim! Napijte i prevarite čuvare i pustite ljude da prođu.  Njihovo gomilanje ovdje nema smisla. Apolone, ti ćeš pratiti te ljude na njihovom putu! Pobrini se za njih.

- Na putu kamo?

- Uputi ih prema  sjeveru.

- Jesi ti normalan! – povikala njegova žena – Zar misliš da će Asi na sjeveru samo gledati kako im šalješ tolike ljude? Zar nam treba svađa s njima? Odin će podivljati!

- Imaš li bolju ideju Hera? Neka se malo i oni razbude. Uostalom, poslat ćemo im darove u Asgard – nastavio je nepokolebljivo.

- Ne misliš valjda da ih vodi sve do Asgarda?! Zbilja izazivaš! Ili namjerno šalješ ove ljude u propast? Znaš da ne mogu preko Duginog most

- Neće ih voditi sve do Asgarda, ali što dalje na sjever, to bolje za nas – prekinuo ju je.

- Ares, ti odmah kreni u te krajeve iz kojih dolaze! Pogledaj što se tamo događa i što možeš napravit

Krenuli su bez puno raspravljanja, svaki sa zadatkom koji mu je povjeren. Zeus se polako zaputio natrag prema Olimpu.

- Zbilja se nadam da znaš što radiš – Hera je sumnjičavo zavrtjela glavom – Nemoj reći da te nisam upozorila kad sjeverni bogovi pokrenu rat.

- Opet ti s tvojim upozorenjima!  Jedino što sada želim je ponovo vidjeti ovu zemlju kako sjaji i ljude kako se smiju!

- I misliš da će ovo more ljudi koje ćeš poslati na sjever dovesti do toga? Ti si zbilja predugo spavao dragi moj. Morat ćeš se puno više potruditi da ovdje vratiš nekadašnji sjaj i slavu.

- Onda će biti tako.

Plima ljudi krenula je otvorenim putevima, nepovratno mijenjajući stari kontinent. Sa svog zaklonjenog trona Gromovnik je nadzirao izazvanu promjenu, čekajući reakciju Sjevera.

I  Sumrak Bogova je započeo...

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