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Syrian Civil War, closer in becoming a global one
by Christos Mouzeviris
2015-11-05 10:22:30
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The US Senator John McCain has accused Russia of targeting Free Syrian Army rebel recruits backed by Washington.

McCain, who is head of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the Russian air strikes have hit forces that have been “armed and trained by the CIA because we have communications with people there.”
put01_400_02The above statement is clearly a proof that the CIA and the US are behind the creation of the Syrian conflict. The Syrian civil war is nothing more than a coup to overthrow Assad and his regime, to serve the geopolitical interests of the USA in the region.
One of course will now question; since they created this messy situation, will they accept all refugees from Syria? After-all, they have the responsibility for this development, not Europe. They should be ready to accept the consequences as well.
Most importantly, this constitutes a very dangerous and worrying development. Have any CIA officers been killed by the Russians in this attack and if yes, how will the Americans respond? This could lead to a renewed cold war in our planet, or even worse; a very hot one. 
Right before the bombs rained down, a Russian general arrived in Baghdad warned the U.S. military planners to keep America's own warplanes out of the way. U.S. officials said they would not alter their flight plans.

This is the beginning of a dangerous new phase of the international intervention in the Syrian civil war. Not only has Russia tried to order U.S. forces to step aside, it actually has the firepower to back up its demands. Some of the 35 warplanes Russia has deployed to Syria are specifically designed for fighting foes like the United States, not ISIS.

Seemingly out of nowhere on September 21, they appeared at an air base in Latakia, a regime stronghold in western Syria—28 of the Russian air force’s best warplanes, including four Su-30 fighters and a number of Su-25 attack planes and Su-24 bombers.

Soon six more Su-34 bombers and at least one Il-20 spy plane followed, part of a contingent of Russia forces reportedly including some 500 troops plus armored vehicles and SA-15 and SA-22 surface-to-air missiles.  
(The Daily Beast).

But Russia is not the only power to get involved after America. France is the only European country so far, to carry out its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria last Sunday. (The Guardian)
Furthermore China is also getting involved. On September the 23rd, Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi, (The Arab Source), claimed a Chinese naval vessel passed through the Suez Canal and is headed to Syria. To assist the Russians fighting the Islamic State and the US, plus the Gulf Emirate proxies trying to overthrow the Al-Assad government.

The website cites an senior officer in the Syrian Army stationed at Latakia who claims Chinese troops and military aircraft will arrive at the port city of Tartus within six weeks.

This is not a regional conflict anymore, but potentially we could see a new global war within the next few months, if not weeks. It is obvious that Syria, just as Ukraine were just the chessboard for a greater stir-up in the geopolitical status all this time.
The people of Syria are not just victims of the Assad regime, nor the rebels. They have been caught between bigger regional and international power games, that could potentially settle old open accounts for good. Unfortunately this will not happen in an easy or pleasant way for any of us. 
The rich Arab states hate the Assad regime and they are calling upon the Americans to overthrow him. Annoying in return Russia, as Assad is their only long-term ally in the region. The Russians are calling the Chinese in assistance to deal with the Americans and literally give them the message to back off-or else.
Finally Europe looks on confused and divided on what to do. No one wants a conflict or war, especially since our continent has not recovered yet from the economic crisis. We should be spending money on creating a fairer and brighter future for our youths, not destroy the little opportunities they have left.
Sadly, Europe might not have a choice, but to get engaged. Ukraine and Syria lie in its doorstep. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the Middle East, pouring into European countries. Soon enough and if the conflict in Ukraine continues, Europe will see a new stream of refugees arriving from the East.
We won't have the luxury of remaining passive or simply viewers. If the war mongering leaders of this planet continue with their immoral power games, none of us will be given a choice.
Potentially the only thing Europe could do, is to act as a mediator and try to bring some sense into the minds of those irresponsible leaders. If the conflict in the Middle East escalates, no region will be unaffected, especially Europe due to its proximity.
East against West, Christian against Muslim, Sunni against Shia, liberal against conservative. This will be an annihilation of our world as we know it.
Every war brings economic possibilities and growth, after the initial disaster. And as the resources in our world are seemingly gathered in a handful of individuals, perhaps some wish to initiate this redistribution of wealth and power. 
We have been watching these struggles for the past 6 years now, ever since the euro-one crisis has begun and how Greece was treated by the IMF and the EU. The war in Ukraine and Syria, the Arab Spring and the increasingly aggressive Russia. The animosity in the South China Sea. Things do not look good.
Perhaps us Europeans, will have to take to the streets soon enough. This time not to protect our hard won civil and social security rights, but the stability of our region and world peace. Please, leave Syrian people alone and stop meddling!

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Get it off your chest
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Emanuel Paparella2015-11-05 11:50:20
“Please, leave Syrian people alone and stop meddling.”

It is not clear if such an advice is meant for Americans, Russians, Chinese or Europeans, or perhaps all of them. I suspect it is directed mostly at Americans, as the beginning of the article more than hints at. Be that as it may, Mr. Bashar Assad (and his Iranian allies, not to mention ISIS) would like nothing better than to be left alone by meddlers so that he can continue the slaughter of his own people at his heart’s content and keep himself in power. As a mass murderer that he is, he has managed to kill a couple of hundred thousand civilians, his own people, so far, and has created a refugee problem which is destabilizing the EU as we speak and playing into the geopolitical game of divide and conquer of Putin vis a vis NATO and the West as a whole. If my next door neighbor is murdering his wife, should I meddle or is he king in his own home? One begins to wonder if those who inveigh against meddling are able to distinguish their friends from their enemies, or if they have misguidedly let their bias cloud their judgment.

Moreover, that the CIA and US special operation forces are in Iraq and Syria is no great secret and no great revelation, just as the fact that the Russians are there for their own geopolitical goals is no great revelation either. They are certainly not there for benevolent humanitarian purposes. Which is not to deny that there seems to be no clear strategy at work. Meanwhile it is the EU which has been sadly saddled with the humanitarian issue of the refugees, which is revealing the weaknesses of the so called solidarity and democracy of all the EU nations, which also works quite well in Putin’s Machiavellian game of divide and conquer.

The real revelation will be when Putin realizes that ISIS (which it appears it has just downed one of his passenger airplanes with 200 plus civilians aboard; sometimes what goes around comes around...) may be the real enemy he needs to fight with his shiny brand new military equipment, not those who are fighting Assad. If that realization ever dawns on him and other anti-Americans and anti-NATOs within the meddling and the fog that he has created, remains to be seen.

A third world war is of course possible and as Einstein put it, after that we will have a fourth world war fought with sticks and stones and we’ll have to go the streets to protest the fact that our civilization, as we know it, has disappeared.

Emanuel Paparella2015-11-05 17:25:52

A follow-up to the above comments:


Given the obvious anti-Americanism of the above article, interested readers may wish to peruse the above linked article on the subject which appeared recently in Ovi magazine.

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