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How to make our life happy
by Kittirat Yothangrong
2015-10-01 11:13:03
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akoi01_400_01We go through our lives everyday going through all the emotions from happiness to disappear.  Sometimes we feel nothing, while just muddling through the day, the week, the month, the year.

Throughout our life, we want this, we want that, we feel that we are important people, and let our ego drive our behaviour. For example our craving for food has made most of us way over weight than we need be.

We expect. We want so much more than we need, when actually all we really need is safety, the necessities, and enough food to nourish us.

Too much food makes us sick. Too much attention makes us egotistical, and too many luxuries can make us selfish.

We want a beautiful home, holiday house and condominium which actually force us to do so many things to look after them. Luxuries become a chore. The more we have the more it costs us.

Satisfying our wants is a task almost impossible to satisfy.

We think that this is the road to happiness, but in reality this is the road to suffering.

Wanting this and wanting that, whether it be something personal, a work position, or some form of luxury can become a burden that takes us so far away from happiness, which is the very thing we thought that we thought that we would obtain. We are too busy to even look up at the sky.

To have a happy life, we need to know what we really need, and what we really want to achieve.

These wishes to achieve and wants need to be realistically balanced. Because if they are not, it's like eating too much good food, and what does that do to our body?

A realistic balance is the key.

And balance is a holistic principle. It's not just about balancing our wants, but about balancing our minds, i.e., do I really want to achieve this? Remember any imbalance will make us obese, be it mentally, within our cravings, lust, or ego.

Put aside some of your time to do things that benefit others. Doing things that benefit others can be enormously satisfying, and that helps to bring balance between yourself and being part of a greater world around you.


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