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When the grass covers all...
by Gordana Mudri
2015-09-25 12:03:20
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When the grass covers all...

grass01_400Smoke bites our eyes
and fire burns our lungs...
Our bodies full of wounds,
ruins full of blood,
children's cry at night
and moaning loud at day.
Counting souls we wonder
what kind of life we should.

All becomes dust,
there's no blue in the sky,
just a call of foaming waves;
new graveyard we must pass.
The last of all our hopes,
deadly fear around...
We yearn for a safe shore,
a new dawn that will last.

Who will see all those
we left behind in hell,
who will remember those
in countless graves we made.
In the days we will live
away, of all we knew
time will bring mist
and memories will fade.

There is no one there,
no whisper through the air
no single soul for a prayer
to keep away the ghost.
And when the grass will cover
all those forgotten bones,
will anyone remember
the heritage we've lost…

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