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The Burial of the Dead
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2018-02-06 12:10:53
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The Burial of the Dead

The cenotes led The Fathers of Us All to it:
at the bottom of the waters there is a cave,
with land one can walk on, and breathe.

When a man dies, after the rituals young warriors are appointed,
and down they dive with the corpse, and it is arduous work,
and sometimes they – the warriors – die down there too.

They say down there that the dry land is always dry,
and that the dead do not rot away, but lie always where they have been placed,
in peace and in silence.

They say that there is a strong light there, a compelling light
shining as if from behind, a light that is red and gold and white
and so it is easy to make your way around.

I dreamed a dream that I was a river dolphin
and that all the warriors are really dolphins
who change their shape when performing this service to the gods.

debt01_400One must be a dolphin, and have the vision in order to be a warrior
the giant jaguarman appears to you, and explains that you must obey,
and the black bones of the god of death must sanctify your connection
by burning off your hair and blessing you.
Then you may eat some of the flesh of the departed, and the gods will,
each in turn, have sex with you, and you will be immortal.

Here is something you should know; it is not true that the dead are silent.
In truth they only wait until they are alone, and talk among themselves.

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