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The Starving Man, The Starving Woman - The Starving Nations
by Leah Sellers
2015-09-21 09:44:16
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All of us, at one Time or another have been Migratory Migrants due to Despairing Necessity or Free Will Choice towards brighter Future Opportunities.........
A Traveler wandering and pondering the meandering Road of Life came upon a Starving Man and a Starving Woman. Both were rail thin, listless, weak and de-pressed.
The Traveler Reached Out to the Starving Man and Woman. “Please, sir. Please, ma’am, there is a Hostel further down this Road for weary Travelers such as Ourselves. Come, take my Hands and my Support and let Us journey Together.”
The Traveler patiently and quietly trudged along with The Starving Man and Woman to the Hostel.
Once the Shelter of the Hostel was reached, The Traveler immediately gave the Starving Man and Woman Food and Water.
When the Starving Man and Woman had eaten all of the Food and drunk all of the Water they could practically hold, The Traveler saw Them to Their Rooms.
The Traveler bade each of them a good night’s Rest until the morrow.
“Thank you, dear sir. But we have nothing with which to return your many kindnesses.”
pov01_400“I beg you to think nothing of it. We are all Fellow Travelers on the Road of Life. Rest well. Eat and Drink well. Regain your Strength and Stamina. That is all I Ask of you. The rest will take Care of itself.”
For seven days and seven nights, the Traveler made sure that the Starving Man and Woman were well taken Care of by the lively Folk of the Hostel.
In the early mornings and evenings, The Traveler, The Starving Man and the Starving Woman would walk in Solitude in the deep Green Woods surrounding the Hostel. Their Spirits were uplifted by the Natural Wonders they encountered, and the steady Exercise strengthened and fortified their Bodies.
Throughout the remainder of each day, The Traveler, The Starving Man and The Starving Woman would chop wood for the fireplaces and kitchen stoves, milk the cows, collect eggs from the chickens, replace shingles on the roof top, repair wagon wheels damaged by the ruts in the Road of Life, and then, with shovels in hand, searched out the worrisome ruts marking the Road of Life leading up to the Hostel, and fill them in.
The Traveler, The Starving Man and The Starving Woman Worked and Exercised side-by-side every day doing whatever Chores and Jobs needed to be done around the Hostel, while talking and laughing Companionably about meaningful subjects, and subjects with not much meaning at all.
The Exercise and the Work was Beneficial for all Three of them, as well as the Hostel.
Every day The Traveler, The Starving Man and The Starving Woman grew Stronger, learned more Skills, while developing a Great Appreciation and Friendship amongst one another.
The Nurturance and Sustenance of The Traveler, The Starving Man and The Starving Woman also Benefited the Hostel and its Folk as a Whole.
Overall, The Travelers Initial Compassionate Action Benefited EveryOne.
As the seven days and nights of Nurturance, Sustenance, Companionship, Laughter, and Work toward a Common Goal passed, so too, did the Starving Man and The Starving Woman.
Like The Traveler, and the Others at the Hostel, the Starving Man and the Starving Woman Transformed into the Whole Man and the Whole Woman.
What would have Become of The Starving Man and the Starving Woman if the Compassionate Traveler had been a For-Profit-Only-Merchant who upon discovering The Starving Man and Woman demanded a Regimen of Austerity ?
The Starving Man and Woman would have eventually Starved to Death.
The Starving Man and Woman are no different from the Starving, De-pressed, Listless and Weakened Countries and Nations of the World. Austerity will Starve Them to Death too !
It is up to the Hostels (Governments - created for the People, by the People and of the People) of the World to Feed, Quench the Thirst, Exercise and Work their People back to Good Health, and Self and Other Opportunities for Fulfillment.
The For-Profit-Only-Merchants (Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Speculators/Traders and the Elitist Few) won’t do it, because they are purely Self-Serving. Profit for Themselves and their Global Stockholders is their only Motivation, and they Live to glut themselves upon it.
Various types of Hostels (Governments) are the Mechanistic Systems Created by We the People to Invest in keeping the Countries and Nations of the World Securely Sheltered, Well Fed and Watered, Working, Vacationing, Moving, Thriving, Envisioning, Functional and Progressive….
No For-Profit-Only-Merchant (Global Bank, Global Corporation, Global Speculator/Trader or Elitist Few) will ever do that. It is not in their Avaricious, Self-Serving and Predatory Nature.
We the People Need to Reach out toward Leaders who have the Common Sense Compassionate and Honorable Attributes and Characteristics of The Traveler.
Its Simple Science as well as Simple Common Sense. No One in their Right Mind would further Austerely Starve an already Starving Man and Starving Woman. You Feed Them !
You don’t dehydrate Them further. You Quench Their Thirst !
You don’t further punish, ostracize, de-mean and de-base Starving Men and Women - Starving Countries and Nations - you Exercise them - you Give Them Work in order to help them Shelter, Feed, Clothe and regain Their Strength - Their Dignity - Their Confidence.
Austerity’s Starvation will eventually decimate and destroy Starving Countries and Starving Nations.
We the People, have been living within well cushioned and maintained Socio-Economic Bubbles for quite some time.
When the most recent Make-Believe Global Socio-Economic Bubble popped, the well hidden Starving Man and Starving Woman (Global Countries and Nations) were surprisingly revealed.
The Fat Cats (whom We The People already knew were Fat) turned out to be much Fatter than We The People Realized. They were, in actuality, Obese Cats founding Standing on top of Our emaciated and bony Starving Man and Woman (Global Countries and Nations) carcasses, growling and licking their slobbery, ravenous chops over Our Collective Fear, Misery and Quandary.
Give the Fat Cats (Obese Cats) a Bony Starving Man and Woman (Global Countries and Nations) to lick clean, and They will suck the marrow right out of the Bone.
Under the Machiavellian Manipulations of the Fat Cats (Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Speculators/Traders, and Elitist Few) We the People have helped to produce and create a Socio-Economy which has for years stagnated the Wages of the Middle Class and the Poor. While also creating a Socio-Economic Reality no one but the Fat Cats can Afford and Profit from.
We the People, have allowed the Fat Cats to Out-price and Over-price the Global Economies of We the People. The Fat Cats can Afford the Socio-Economy they got all of Us to help them Create, but the Majority (99%) of We the People cannot.
We the People, scramble and grovel around in a Socio-Economy that got blown out of all proportion while We the People got stagnated, perforated and Starved.
While the Fat Cats got fatter and meaner. The Starving Man and Woman (Global Countries and Nations) got skinnier and weaker.
Our Global Leaders are the Managers of the Hostel (Governments).
Do We the People have Leaders that will turn the Starving Man and Woman away (because they are bought and paid for by the Fat Cats) - or invite Us in to Receive Shelter, Food, Drink, Rest, Work, Companionship and Healing ?
Our Hostel (Governments) are a Reflection of We the People (and every Country and nation is different). However, within Our Cultures those who Wish to Be or Choose to Be Our Local and National Leaders must Answer some Question for ThemSelves, as well as for We the People.
Will They Be Shepherds or Predators ? Will they Nurture and Sustain the Starving Man and Starving Woman (Global Countries and Nations of the World) or Starve Them to Death at the behest of the Fat Cats (Global Banks, Global Corporations, Global Speculators/Traders and Elitist Few - who can also Choose to Change if They Wish It) ?
Obsessing over Deficits that cannot be effectively dealt with by Starving Man and Starving Woman (the Global Countries and Nations of the World) through Austerity (further Starvation), and punishing Slice and Dice, Slashing Caloric Intake Dietary Aversion Therapies is a waste of Precious Time.
The Nationwide and Worldwide ‘Deficit’can Be dealt with later after Starving Man and Starving Woman Become Whole Man and Whole Woman.
We the People, must Decide and Choose. Will Our Leaders Be Healers or Devourers ? Creators of Whole Men and Whole Women or Starving Men and Women ?
Will Our Leaders Be Dutiful, Abiding, Honorable and Compassionate Traveling Shepherds or Marauding Wolves in Shepherds clothing ?
Just Food for Thought and a little Raising Kayne for Fellow Travelers sojourning the Road of Life !

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