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The crisis of humanity
by Gordana Mudri
2015-09-19 12:19:49
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For months, we have witnessed a humanitarian catastrophe which affected the south of the continent. We shook our hand, we skipped the articles in the papers and we were convinced that this is not our problem... Most of us, except for individuals who have friends and acquaintances in the southern states. We have listened and shared their concerns. Does that help? Obviously not. The problem was away. The one who is fed does not trust to the one who is hungry.

gorda01_400Who was paying attention to the Greek islands, flooded with refugees? Who cared about the appearance of Omonia Square, in the heart of Athens, inhabited by thousands of illegal immigrants. No one. It was a Greek problem. And they deserve whatever happens to them; "Southern lazy parasites", as they say those poisoned by xenophobia.

Europe knew how to point fingers and to set rules, to call for solidarity from afar and hitting slaps, looking how the south of the continent barely breathe and keeps head above water.
And then, the tide flowed.

The waves swept Macedonia. We are still shook our hand. Another savage country, who cares ... Serbia was next. There is still too far, and they are one of those that we just do not care a lot. Hungary? Well, this became too close! We're watching the news and we're reading the articles! Protected heart of Europe is at risk! Unthinkable happens! Construction of the wall in a Europe without borders! Rules slowly fall into the water. Border control in the Union without borders.

The tide continues. Water always finds a way. No one shake hand. The problem is in our backyard. But the rules are no longer important and everyone is struggling in his own way. But the walls are more realistic. New walls.

Hungarians already have their own, Germany has no wall literally, but they stopped arrival. Slovenia is reluctant, as well as Austria, they are not really for solidarity. It is likely that we will close the border. We are too small and too weak to carry the thousands of hungry and weary, who had never even heard of us.

And then what? Serbia will build their wall, Macedonians will continue a series. We'll sweep all back to Greece, and then, I suppose, Greeks will soak boats in the Aegean Sea with gunboats.

We will all point fingers again and we will declare them non-humans. But, anyway, it will not be in our backyard...

Europe without borders, full of solidarity and decorated by the rules...

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