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Caged Martyr Vulture
by Leah Sellers
2015-09-11 10:39:13
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In many Native American and other Global cultures the Vulture is a symbol of Death.
Something dies and the Vultures fly in and pick the carcass clean.  They productively eliminate the germy, and eventually Dis-eased ridden sludge and skeletal remnants the carcass would have Become if it had remained in tact and left to rot and stink under the hot sun and weather buffeted landscape.
Vultures are the World’s Living Disposals of Dead remains.
kim01_400Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk, who is now a Caged Vulture in a Jailhouse within Kentucky, because she refused to process and hand out Marriage Licenses to Same Sex couples, in spite of what the Supreme Court of the United States ruled as the (anti-discriminatory and inclusive) Law of the Land, claims that she is representing the Voice of God.
The Voice of God.  Whose God ?
Heterosexuals, homosexuals and bi-sexuals are all created Creatures and Children of God.  They are all a part of the Whole of Humanity.  In fact, they are seeking to be no longer be Excluded from Humanity’s Familial and Societal Benefits and Life long Opportunities.
They want to come out of the Cages they have been forced to suffer and be diminished within for years on end.
Kim Davis, Martyr Vulture that you have Chosen to BeCome, surely you now Understand something of what it is to be UnWillingly Caged and ostracized from your Loved Ones and the Whole ?  Please, by all means, allow yourself to Feel those new Understandings deep within your gut and your Soul.
You are representing an ancient and misunderstood false doctrine.  Not the Voice of God.  Yours is the fear laden Voice of Bigotry, Discrimination and Exclusion.  Attitudes Christ Taught and Stood against.
Perhaps, God created homosexuals as one of Nature’s Tools to keep the growth of populations down.  But homosexuals are still, like almost every other Human Being, in Need of Love, and SomeOne to Love and Build their Lives with and around.  Like every other Human Being, homosexuals want to be Accepted and Included within the Whole of Humanity, and no longer treated like vermin and offal.  They no longer want to be forced to be degraded Invisibles.
As Respected and Dignified Human Beings, homosexuals want a Family Unit.  As Respected and Dignified Human Beings they want to be able to adopt Abandoned Children left behind by careless or absent heterosexuals.  As Respected and Dignified Human Beings, homosexuals want to be open about their Lives and Families and Friends, and not have to worry about losing their Employment or Homes or Lives (due to brutal violence of thought and deed) because of Bigoted, Exclusionary, Dis-criminatory Attitudes and Views like yours, Kim Davis, Martyr Vulture.
This is another New Age of Transition.  And your ancient so-called Voice of God, bellowing in your ears, is deaf and blind to the real Needs of Humanity.  Humanity Needs Tolerance, Compassion, Empathy and Wise Understandings.
You, Kim Davis, represent to many the Vulture of Death.  The Death and picked clean carcass of UnJust and Freedom-killing Bigotry and Dis-crimination.
So, fly and rail against the bars of the Cage you Chose to be placed within, when you refused to Do your Job as a Public Servant.  A Government Employee, promised to uphold the Laws of Land, and process the Licenses of Marriage to All Human Married Couples walking into your office. 
Squawk and banshee shriek all you like in your delusional World of “All Is Well”.  The ravaging, damaging, Soul-killing Realities that you, and others like you, want to keep other Human Beings Caged within are but Dying and Dead Things waiting to be picked clean.
The Wings you hear or envision within your Cage are not those of Angels.  They are the Wings of Vultures bringing about the Just and Humane end to Dis-eased and Destructive Thoughts and Things.


Note from the Editor

With a decision from the local court, Kim Davis was freed from her cell with a warning that she cannot continue practising prejudice and discrimination and she’s obliged to obey the federal law. Leah Sellers's article is even more contemporary now than ever because in Kim Davis case the court proved that within the law there is tolerance even to people who lack any.

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