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The Drowning Boy
by Leah Sellers
2015-09-04 10:34:23
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A three year old toddler hangs lifeless from the arms of a military man standing within the Ocean Waves lapping onto Turkish shores. Salt Waters which drowned the Boy seeking Refuge.  A Refugee who got separated from his Parents running to any Country - any place free of the Middle East’s painfully chronic Wars and Chaos.
syr01_400_01Legally - Illegally the Refugee - the Drowned Boy was suffocating within the dysfunctions of his Homeland, Syria, long before his lungs filled with water, and took him permanently away from his Own Future Life and the Present Lives of his grief-stricken Parents and Loved Ones.  He will Be Remembered.
Alright, Middle East (because Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are not the only Middle Eastern countries wrapped up within the Power manipulations and schemes being poisonously woven by themselves and others).  We’ve got your number.  You’re DeStabilized, so why not DeStabilize the rest of the World with the terrified Citizens you have frightened out of your hideous
Warscapes ?  It’s an old War Strategy.
Alright, rest of the World (because we’ve all had a hand or a finger or a toe dipped into the fermentation of these poisonous waters for one reason or another for many, many, many years - sigh).  Then we need to Open our Arms, Our Hearts, Our Minds and Our Resources to these Displaced and DeStabilized Peoples or they will, for a certainty, Destabilize all of the rest of us.
Remember, that they will Remember to treat us as we Treat them.
So, let’s do the unexpected, and greet them with Loving Compassion and a Helping Hand so they can pull their own Lives back together, and help us to help them Stabilize themselves.
The Hungarian Prime Minster, Viktor Orban, was just being honest.  They are rightfully Afraid of the Fear-based Refugees.  They are overwhelmed by the numbers (as the Warring and manipulative Middle Eastern countries want them to be - Ha, ha !  Hee, hee !). 
Fear-based Folks are erratic.  They are easy to panic.  Easy to anger.  Easy to make do foolish and destructive things on both sides of this horrible Energetic Equation.
So, we need to defuse, and neutralize, the situation, by Giving the Refugees Environments of Succor, Stability, Nurturance and Sustenance and Future Hope for themselves and their Children.  No more Drowning Boys.
The International Countries need to open their borders (legally and illegally) to the numbers they can handle, and Give them the Basic Materials, Tools and Opportunities Needed for them to Rebuild their Lives upon.  They Need Food and Water, a Roof over their heads, Medical Care, Education and Job Training, Employment, a peaceful, tolerant, accepting Place to call Home…..etc.  And all of this will cost a lot of Mooh-lah !  Hmmmm……
Thusly, since the Parent Countries of these Fear-Based Refugees seeking Peace and Stability in other Countries, which their very Numbers and Fears will make UnPeaceful and Unstable (unless dealt with effectively and compassionately) have failed their Peoples, and Used and Abused them, and frightened them out of or run them out of your Countries.  Then the Parent Countries should take Responsibility and be held Accountable and Pay Up !
Yes, the Dysfunctional Parent Countries should be made by the International Communities to open their Bank vaults, their safe deposit boxes, their private stashes, their personal and national checking accounts, and treasure troves to Pay for everything that Needs to be done for the Refugees you failed, and through your negative and power mongering behaviors, pushed out of their homes, their Lives, their Productive Futures, and their Homelands, while you all sit all too comfortably in your palaces and in tact houses judging and rejecting them, and dumping them into the laps of Other Nations around the World.
Perhaps, the International Communities need to convert the Refugee Camps into Apartment Houses and Communities filled with Schools, Clinics, Shopping Malls and Food Stores…etc..
And while we’re at it.  Perhaps, all of the other Nations of the World should empty out their worst Prisons and ship, fly and drive all of their worst Prisoners special delivery to your Middle Eastern doorsteps, since you so enjoy acting like heartless Criminals yourselves.  Just to keep you busy, and give you a taste of your own medicine.  Your own Warring, panic ridden, erratic, fear-based, destabilizing, cultural and societal toxic medicine.
You greedy, power mongering Leaders of the World really do Need to Get With It - Get It Together - Get on the Ball - Get Inspired to do your Duties and Jobs in such a way that All of your Peoples Benefit and can thrive and prosper Peacefully and Productively.
Please, remember, that your Environments, should the Peoples of the World Come Together and so Choose, can also be DeStabilized and your apple carts overturned in the same ways you have Chosen to do to your Peoples and your International Neighbors.
The Peoples of the World, are sick unto death of your manipulative, self-serving Power Mongering War Games.  We do not Want to see Created any more Drowning Boys or Girls.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-09-04 17:42:11
“When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.”
--Leviticus 19: 33-34

“Egalitè, Libertè, Fraternitè” (The Ideals of the French Revolution)

If we juxtapose those two injunctions above, one biblical and the other secular, they look alike, however it is quite obvious that the latter remains an abstract ideal notion of human justice and fairness, while the latter is a much more concrete mode of expressing solidarity, that often abused word in today’s political discourse. What is also striking is that the latter talks about brotherhood without mentioning a common Father, which in effect means that those ideals have no real foundation; they are mere aspirations of the human heart and indeed may well remain such without leading to genuine solidarity.

The unfathomable tragedy that is occurring in the EU as we speak should give pause even to the most skeptics among us, on the possibility or impossibility of constructing a just society (not necessarily a politically correct one). I for one think that the we are at the cross-roads in the EU: the litmus test for EU Democracy will be whether or not the ideals of its founding fathers (predicated on brotherhood and Fatherhood) will be respected and practiced or simply be pseudo ideals to which pay lip service.

Yves Gamache2015-09-04 23:59:40
Although it may be true that our governments are corrupted and like to cause war and strife, sometimes a person has to take some personal responsibility for his or her actions and cannot continue to blame governments. I do not know how I would react in a war if I was caught in one. Would I try to escape, hide under a bunker, or arm myself? I don't know.

But what I do know is that I would not spent $4000 EU to smuggle myself out of the war-stricken country with AN INFLATABLE BOAT. Moreover, I would not put my kids in an inflatable boat WITHOUT LIFE JACKETS and expect to get across the sea.

Reports say that the father who lost his entire family after the migrant boat capsized was living safely in Istanbul, Turkey, where there is no war. If he was living safely in Turkey, couldn't he wait to get a Visa to get out or at least come up with a better escape plan?
He made a stupid move in his life and lost his kids and wife because of it.

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