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Dust Devils and Husk Birds
by Leah Sellers
2015-09-13 11:42:16
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Dust Devils and Husk Birds
Driving down an undulating Serpentine country road
Day Dreaming about nothing much at all
A large, roiling and coiling Dust Devil
dust01_400Unexpectedly arose out of a dusty Harvested Cornfield
Writhed and tornadically twisted
Upwards and Outwards
Ripping and tearing through Air and Earth
Within and Above Fertile black Fields
Filled with broken and mashed down
Skeletal Corn Stalk leftovers
The Giant Dust Devil appeared to have captured
A flock of Birds
Whirling, twirling and gusting them to and fro
Within and all Around
Its ever moving Concentric Cage
But no -
Closer Observation reveals a Discovery and Exploration
Of Flying and twittering debris which turned out to Be
Rattling, shifting, diving and dipping
Lifeless Corn Husks
Dead, dry, Leafy Remnants
Of once Green, lush fields of Living, Luscious Yellow Corn
Dead, dry, Leafy Remnants
Made to Look like
Gliding, fluttering Birds in Flight
Dancing shades of Bright Gold and Light
Shadows of varying browns and grays
Bending and folding the Dust Devil’s
Windy, Solar Energies
Breathing Life and Light and Dance and Flight
Into the
Dead, dry, Leafy Remnants
By Spinning Air
And Solar Flare
Life and Death are like that

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