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THE DONALD: Made in the USA
by David Sparenberg
2015-08-28 08:13:14
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Did anybody ever laugh at Hitler? Wasn’t he the frequent butt of sarcastic humor in the cabarets, in Berlin and Munich, Vienna and Paris? Certainly many, especially among intellectuals of Germany and those who in their day were the so-called progressives of Europe, considered Adolf a joke.  Besides being a political outsider, having unconventional hair, and being a Hate Monger who openly espouses what he intends to do, what else is common to both The Fuhrer and The Donald?  Time to wake up! Time to think clearly and critically.  Time, America, to stop playing fantasy politics and to come down from the floating world.  Realpolitik is about racial cleansing, total war, the robotics of the masses. 

dona01_400Trump is not dismissively a vulgar sideshow; not a brash and narcissistic clown and nothing more;  but a verging calamity, a political cataclysm in the making.  While he may not become the President of the United States; he may not even plan to: if the majority of us do not take the candidate and what he represents seriously, he may well become the American Dictator. There are millions of Americans (mostly disgruntled and disillusioned white Americans) who share his rage, his obscenity against life, his hatreds!  Then are we going to discover someday that deportation is American (as American as has been slavery and Native genocide), that thug-ism is American and that Donald Trump, made in the USA, is the will of the people?

Or can we even imagine, even dare to imagine, a billionaire Reality TV bully, campaigning on Brown Shirt tactics, becoming commander-in-chief of the world’s most lethal nuclear arsenal? The unthinkable has happened before. Hitler, the Little Corporal, began with words—the words of a sinister fortuneteller: the same words that in the Fuhrer’s time of power became blood and fire, smoke and the ashes of millions.

Many readers, of course, will dismiss the comparison of Hitler and Trump.  The comparison has its limitations.  America is in a bad mood and many here do not want to share a multicultural and multi-racial future.  But America is not Germany between the two world wars.  Hitler was a Nazi; Trump is a capitalist. Hitler’s threats were frenzied rants (raves of an orator practiced in the gestures of outrage and vengeance); The Donald’s threats are more the mouthing of a dour yet arrogantly sneering privilege—a soundbite specialist rehearsed in dismissing the existential otherness of others.   Yet the appeal of each was and is mainly to the toxic bowels of the half educated.  Those for whom it is easier to blame, persecute and even expel others than acknowledge their pain as common vulnerability and to face their own internal demons.

To be sure then the comparison is limited at the time; it may remain so, it could come to nothing. The outcome is not yet a stone.

Still, when Jorge Ramos of Univision tries to ask about the promised deportation of millions—deportation, heavy and ominous in history—and he is silenced and handled roughly, there are stirrings out of nightmare scenarios.   Enough so that there is cause for concern, to be honest and alert to potential danger, and to make choices and to ask the questions that cannot go unanswered, unless we are surrendering to a descent into darkness.

David Sparenberg
26 August 2015


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Emanuel Paparella2015-09-01 20:53:28
Indeed, David, in May 1945 there were very few Nazi sympathizers in Germany. Those adoring throngs one saw at the Nuremberg Nazi rallies had dissolved and were all democrats now. What is disturbing is that very few of those new "democrats" ever acknowledged their responsibility for the creation of the Frenkestein monster called Hitler worthy of being portrayed as a clown by Charlie Chaplin. If Fellini were still making movies Trump would definitely be a clown in his circus of life History repeating itself? One wonders.

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