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Increase the Kabbalah of Dialogue
by David Sparenberg
2015-09-06 12:53:56
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Increase the Kabbalah of Dialogue
trees01_400Every person is a measure and degree of light.  When two such persons meet, openly, honestly, compassionately, in dialogue, a new light is created—a 3rd light, a light of mutuality.  This is also called The Greater Light.  Wherever each person travels outside of the dialogue, the 3rd light, the Light of Increase, accompanies each.
This is possible because the light a person creates and shares in creating becomes integral to who each person is and increases the treasure of existence each person is-to-give.
When that which is called Increase is divided and moves in separate directions, it does not diminish.  This is because the new light-out-of-meeting is a quality.  In the Between of the Dialogic it is recognized as a distinguishing quality.  It is one with all other light while it is yet as unique as is every leaf, every snow flake, every rose, every raindrop, every child and every soul.
In the same way that the sum is more than its parts, so too Increase cannot be less.
Of course a light can be put it.  It can have the appearance of being extinguished. But only when it is abandoned and, perhaps through denial or sundering abuse, the light is surrendered to the degrees of death.  That is the victory of the other side. But this is only an illusion of victory.  Because the destroyers want to deny to the soul that creation is a sphere of endless spheres and of worlds within worlds within worlds.
 In this truth there are countless paths: as many pathways as there are souls.  And there is no straight and narrow except as a small measure in the immense journey of unity through diversity—of loops, hoops, circles, spirals, sojourning puzzles, elliptical orbits, metaphysical meanders; flights and floats—revolutions of evolution!
Yet the degrees of death have fallen victim to their own deceptions.  Denial is their conviction.  Denial is their power.  By these means the shadow masters are trapped in the illusions of anti-events and possessive fantasy would overcome impotence by means of contagions of confusion, displacement, rending, shattering, and chaos.
From the gentle wind of the lesson here gather this; plant it in the fertility of remembrance:  Every person who can become a person becomes and when every person who is lives within the Wisdom of Increase beauty delights the world—it dances and with it freedom dances—and there is depth in life. The spheres of creation become lifted up. Peace flourishes in all directions and gardens and the mystic orchards of almonds and apples are endlessly cultivated to refresh the souls of the famished and those who despair of barrenness and have lost their sense of belonging.
Whoever takes to heart this Kabbalah of Dialogue grows to understand that the way of the healer is that of the peacemaker and life’s mission in The Mending, the tikkun olam, is twofold: Liberation and Increase.
David Sparenberg
24 August 2015


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Leah Sellers2015-09-07 17:09:51
Beautiful Truth Saying and Offering, dear Sir !

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