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It shall not pass... It shall not pass...
by Gordana Mudri
2015-08-19 09:02:44
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It shall not pass...

Don't say this dread will pass,
You've never seen a prayer
In the eyes of my children.

Don't say this fear will pass,
You've never felt
The coldness in human words.

Don't say this pain will pass,
You've never heard
The cries of the humiliated.

Don't say time heals all the wounds,
There is no more time
For those who are erased.

Don't say tomorrow is another day,
New dawn will not come
Into this darkness of the humanity.
Don't say all will pass,
Because nothing was left
But silence

And this shall not pass...



Neće proći...

Ne reci  proći će ovaj nemir
Nikada nisi vidio molbu   
U očima moje djece

Ne reci proći će ovaj strah
Nikada nisi osjetio   
Hladnoću ljudskih riječi

Ne reci proći će ova bol   
Nikada nisi čuo
Vapaje poniženog svijeta

Ne reci vrijeme liječi rane
Vremena više nema
Za one izbrisane

Ne reci sutra je novi dan           
Jer nova zora neće doći   
U ovu tamu čovječanstva
Ne reci proći će sve
Jer ničega više nema
Osim tišine                           

A to neće proći...

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Bob Nelson2015-08-20 01:20:39
The truth at last.

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