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Lessig is Right (Even though He's more Left) !
by Leah Sellers
2015-08-17 08:44:31
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Yes, Harvard Professor, Lawrence Lessig is Right about the rigged, corrupted and corrupting Political, Judicial, and overall Economic Systems Needing to be Fixed before any of our auspicious (and not so auspicious) Political Candidates Promises can truly Change and Redirect the Workings of  America.
ster01_400We must make the Equal Rights and Value of each and every Mind, Heart, Body and Soul Law !
Professor Lessig is putting out Feelers regarding a consideration for running for a Presidential bid in 2016 as a Democrat.  He wants to present America with the Citizens Quality Act in order to ‘take our democracy back.”
He wants to directly and legally confront the growing Inequality of our present overall System.
Professor Lessig is Right in bringing to bear the fact that our Political Primaries are run and owned by the millionaire and billionaire Donors whom the candidates kow-tow and bow down to, and work for, in order to put Money and Power into their own greedy pockets.  He’s Right !
Professor Lessig also mentions the fact that the political parties, in particular the Republicans, are Gerrymandering Voting districts to make it harder for the Working Poor, Poor, Students and the Elderly to Vote in their very own Communities.
The Politicians primary, Primary Donors work on Wall Street.  Wall Street is the abode of the Mega-Banks and the Mega-Corporations, and all else that entails.  Thusly, Wall street is running America (and the rest of the World).
Professor Lessig would like to hold a Referendum to create a Citizen’s Mandate which would create a Political System which is solely supported by Citizen’s Funded Elections.  What an unusually Democratic Idea !
Professor Lessig, if he Chooses to not run for the Presidential bid, should get together with Bernie Sanders, the self-described Democratic Socialist, who is also leading a Social Struggle against Big Money Interests, splitting up the Big Banks, reinstating and actually enforcing Anti-Trust laws already on the book (and those removed by lawyers and politicians paid by the Big Money interests to do so toward their own Empire Building advantage), making college free for all Students who attend, a Living Minimum and Working Wage for everyone, Single-Payer HealthCare for one and all, repairing the overall American Infrastructure….etc.. 
Professor Lessig and Bernie Sanders have a lot in common, and I’ll bet that Congressman Bernie would find Professor Lessig’s Citizen’s Quality Act and proposed National Referendum very interesting and Doable.
America (and the rest of the World) needs more Ideas and Leaders like these two gentlemen.
Our Laws, and the overall Culture we form due to and because of those Laws (not how much Money we have earned, collected or hoarded) should Nurture, Maintain, Sustain and help to better define Who We Want to Be - Who We Become as Individuals and a People.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-08-17 09:57:39
Indeed we need more citizens with ideas in their head and less of those who wear a crown on the same. We need more citizens who have the courage and the honesty to shout "the emperor is naked"

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