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From Soul to Soul
by David Sparenberg
2015-08-15 13:08:18
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From Soul to Soul

soul01_400I have written something to you. 
Not written from my head to
be stuffed into your head.
I have written from my feeling-heart
reaching out to touch into
your feeling-heart. 
(Are your eyes open?  Do you
feel me?)  I am writing longingly
soul to soul.
On this page I am weeping
for the mothers and children
of tomorrow.  On that page
I am screaming in
Earth-fear and mortal pain.
Sometimes my voice lifts
dust from the eyelids of strangers.
(Who is stranger in creation
more than the walking dead?)
Sometimes the sound of a
human being is no more in the
numbness of the world than a
bitter-sweet stutter.  By the end
of the first canto
I am writing to you with
whispers of a lover.
I am writing in love’s language,
from soul to soul.  Having
thrown caution to the wind
(Look how it is here
and the urgency of need spills out
like a crime scene between us!)
I have stepped into the
sacred space of intimacy,
with the dark olives of words
and the blood red wine of agony.

David Sparenberg
23 July 2015


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Gordana Mudri2015-08-15 14:27:58
Words from the heart are worth a million times more than those from the mind ... For those who know how to listen... Thank you for the part of your soul David

Erin libby2018-05-24 20:33:08
My voice lifts dust from the eyelids of strangers....
Great line.

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