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Leaning Together
by David Sparenberg
2015-08-07 11:13:53
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Long time since we have gone astray.  We are the children of the children of the children’s children of a breed apart.  We continue to teach our young ones to be deaf and blind and breed death to be amplified and echo through us.

together01_400_01Now (for now is a threshold and at a point of crossing) we must lean together, to console one another, to shed our tears into a common stream.

We must lean together not as stabbing shards of shattered icons, not as antagonists differing over one another’s opinions, yet not altogether as holistic centers, as moguls or seers, or as lover’s either.

But compassionately with an effort we might rise beyond the artificial boundaries and boxes of our narrow moralities into the open grandeur of life as such; of life before and, without caution, life after; with our big heads and bipedal motion; we have come and we are gone.

So it is that we may forestall our self-made doom, our prophecy of nightmare and ruin, if we can learn to lean together, to look and to listen, to breathe and to feel, to console in the way of feeling, giving out of beauty not only taking, sharing rather than hoarding; to embrace rather than exploit, to belong rather than destroy, to let be, with a good heart, instead of desecrating with an evil eye and laying waste with clenched fists and a prehistoric jaw.

And if we cannot lean together in this way, lovers in this here and now—and now is a time of desperation, in desperate urgency of unconditional affirmation—possibly for a little yet we can lean together as children in common, orphaned and self-exiled from the same Earth Mother?

Perhaps if even but several among us, a few more only among our myriads, find a field, a space, a meadow, a woodland copse, a grove, a stretch along an ocean strand or bank of river or lake, and stand there, maybe dancing, maybe wailing, chanting, singing, or in prayer, another will come, will feel the reality of the surrendering ritual and from these, the two, the seeds will attract and grow into many more?

And the many will become a bundle, the bundle evolve into a circle, the circle transform into a bouquet of supple limbs and tender faces.  There will be global spirals, Earth nebulae, for the learned to identify as gestalt but which ordinary folk will call simply and point toward as “the place to be.”

Yet before a future is envisioned we must choose the first sanity to survive-toward-salvation: we must lean together.

David Sparenberg
27 July 2015


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Gordana Mudri2015-08-07 11:36:57
Tell me where you dance (sing, pray ...), I'll lean on you, David! Great view! The world needs a change!

leah sellers2015-08-08 03:58:32
I Love Your Sour, Brother David ! What a Blessing to One and All you are, dear Sir !

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