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For Cecil's Pride
by Leah Sellers
2015-08-02 12:38:00
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“Boy howdy !  I really get off on this Trophy Huntin’ thing.  It satisfies the fire in my belly like nothin’ else can.”
cecil01_400“Trackin’ one of the most dangerous critters in the world for hours.  Sniffin’ ‘em out.  Stalkin’ after ‘em.  Woundin’ ’em and watchin’ ’em try to futilely get away from this well honed Death Machine.  Nothin’ more satisfyin’, Sami.”
“Yeah, Tavi !  Don’t ’cha’ just love listenin’ to ’em wail, whine and scream, and watchin’ ’em twitch and kick up dust when you wound ’em.  Makes me laugh like a hyena and get a lump in my throat every time.”
“Nothin’ like Trophy Huntin’ Sport, Tavi.  Like this fella’ underfoot here.  I heard his scout say that he paid $50,000 dollars to travel all the way from America to this spot in Africa just to end up bein’ my meal.”
“Well, Cecil,”  Tavi announced, “This meal’s for you and your six Cubs killed by the new Alpha Male who took over your Pride after this piece of human excrement lured you away from your protected Sanctuary and Home to shoot you with an arrow, and then track you and watch you suffer for forty hours before finally puttin’ you down with a gun shot to the head from the human thunder stick he used to take such pride in.”
“Yes, Sami, I heard that human Dentists work on other human beings teeth.  I think that it’s about time that our Canine Teeth do a little work on this rotten Dentist,” Tavi rumbled.
Sami flicked his long, tawny tail and bit down on a piece of thigh.  “For Cousin Cecil !”
Cecil’s Elder Daughter, Tavi, growled before crunching down on the Ugly American’s lolling head.  “For Cecil the Noble Lion and his Pride.”

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Donna Sellers2015-08-04 02:40:31
I Like it sis! Short and to the point!

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