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And Just What Did You Learn About Today...?!
by Leah Sellers
2015-07-31 10:33:18
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“Johnny, I’m home, son.  Can you please help me unload the groceries from the car ?”
“Yes ma’am.  I’m comin’ Mom.  Let me turn the t.v. off.  I’ll be right there.”
A minute later Peggy Joy’s rambunctious eleven year old boy came running into the kitchen.
“Where’s your dad ?”
“He’s outside in the garage messin’ around with the truck.  He’s  puttin‘ in a new oil filter.”
“Why weren’t you helping your dad ?”
tv01_400“He told me that he didn’t need my help, and told me to come inside and watch t.v..  So, who am I to argue with daddy ?  So, that’s exactly what I did.”
“Hmmm, and just what did you watch on t.v., Johnny ?”
“The t.v. channel was on the news, so I just left it on there.  You and dad are always talkin’ about how important it is to keep up with Current Events.  So, I thought I’d find out about what Current Events are by watchin’ the same news show you and daddy watch.’
Peggy Joy smiled widely.  “I am so proud of you, young man.  And just what did you learn about today ?’
Well, I learned that when you’re drivin’ that a policeman can pull you over for not turnin’ on your blinker when you change lanes.  And that if you don’t put out your cigarette while you’re smokin’ in your car when that policeman asks you to that a Warning Ticket can turn into a Regular Ticket that you have to pay for, and that can turn into an Arrest if you don’t get out of the car when he tells you to, because he’s mad at you in the first place for not puttin’ your cigarette out when he asked you to.”
“And that if you keep askin’ the policeman why he’s gettin’ so out of hand about everything that he can yank your car door open and try and pull you out of your car.  And that if he can’t get you out of your car that he can pull his Taser Gun out of his holster and point it at you, and threaten to shoot you with it if you don’t do what he’s tellin’ you to do,”  Johnny continued.
“And then the policeman can throw you down to the ground and stick his knee into your back while he’s handcuffin’ you and puttin’ you under Arrest.”
“And then the policeman will throw you into jail for a few days and charge you with a felony and a $5,000 dollar bond  that you or a family member or a friend will have to pay or you’ll rot in jail.”
“And that if you get depressed over bein’ Arrested, and because you can’t seem to get a’hold  of anyone in your family or one of  your friends to come help you get you out of jail, that you can wind up committin’ Suicide by Lynchin‘ yourself with a plastic Garbage Bag in your jail cell, just like the Arrested Black Lady in the news did over being alone, and depressed, and used and abused by an abusive use of Power in the great state of Texas, just because she forgot to use her turn signal for a lane change,”  Johnny said sadly.
“And that all of what happened to that Black Lady is Legal.  All of that is the Law of the Land, which makes everything that happened to that poor Black Lady Right and Just in the Land of the Free and the Brave.”
“But you know what I think Mama ?  I think that Black Lady was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person.  I think that poor Black Lady was a victim of Current Events.”
Johnny’s Mother stared at her young Son in stunned silence.
“Mom ?”  “Mom ?”
Johnny’s Mother sighed, “Whatever happened to the Days of Sesame Street and Nickelodeon ?”

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Gordana Mudri2015-07-31 10:50:48
Great story! And what I learned today? Give us back Sesame Street! And without doubt, turn signal for a lane change...

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