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By the Sea
by Dr Elsa Lycias Joel
2015-07-25 11:50:03
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sea01_400I wanted to have an ‘early morning by the sea’ experience for so long. Finally I had one with my little girls. The quaint kanyakumari sea in front, the sun rising with elegance and feel of the soft sand under my feet…standing there before sunrise was like living life in it’s true sense. The sea looked pretty calm and the waves invited me to take a dip. But the absence of my strong husband, a not so celebrated swimmer and my incapability of even floating prevented me from letting those waves caress me. While I was totally engrossed in myself running ahead and back with the waves, my daughters ran and hopped around collecting seashells. Far away, a fisherman was setting out his net to venture into the sea. Listening to the silence at this beach was a new experience. I got lost in wonder when my daughter prodded me saying, “Mom, let’s go fishing today”. Beside her stood a friendly fisherman with a genuine smile. I tried to convince Lauren and Barbara to just stay back and watch the beautiful sunrise in vain. When the fisherman knew a war was in the making, he said the weather is good enough to go into the seas. May be he sensed my girls’ enthusiasm and curiosity to go for a ride into the waters. Much to my relief his wife and teenaged son joined us.

Leaving everything to the almighty and my fate, I decided to give it a try. Then, we were a family. The boat ride was little scary as we entered the sea but I managed a broad smile as my girls enjoyed those moments to the fullest. All along, facing those waves was quite a struggle for me but I pretended to enjoy the dancing and tossing waves with Lauren and Barbara. Meanwhile, the teenaged boy showed off his swimming prowess by jumping into the waters, racing with the boat and climbing on as and when he felt. How long could I pretend! Sensing my restlessness the fisherman decided to turn around to the shore. Amidst hugs and kisses from my girls, I wondered if I ever made or spoiled their day or if I spoiled his day’s catch. The sun started shining on our faces and my body ached. At the shore, I thrust a 500-rupee note (that was all I had) into the woman’s hand. By the look on her face I was sure she didn’t expect it. The family raced back into the seas. It was nice watching the whole family involved in the work.

When I drove away leaving behind a hot and pretty noisy beach, I thought if Rabindranath Tagore chose an early morning hour at the Karwar beach to write his first play. That day, my hometown nagercoil seemed hot and humid. After hours of sand and salt, three of us enjoyed a refreshing bath. I realized I wasn’t grateful to Him like that morning when I reached back safe to the shore and when I tried hard to get a nap I heard my girls hiss ‘pssssssssssppppppaaaaa’ after their hectic early morning activities by the sea. The phenomenon of being a child means to carry with us the potential of unbridled courage, enthusiasm, and happiness and unknown surprises and delights for they know not fear. But for me, when I see a beautiful beach I also see a furious sea and also a world's largest hidden waste dump, drifting on the currents for a virtual eternity


elsa_lj00Elsa Lycias Joel. I hold  a doctorate in biotechnology. member of research gate with more than ten research publications of mangrove fungi. freelance a lot. worked with the new indian express as sub editor for a year or so. write for children's magazines like Junior Chandamama,The children's magazine by PCM publishers since 2004 and Children's world by CBT. I also contribute to Womans Era, Readers Digest, I Quote, Women Exclusive (WE), infinithoughts, couples magazine and other regional dailies. recently authored a children's book named "Perfect Endings',  the author's copy of which was signed by none other than the former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam






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Alex Kuruvila, MD2015-07-27 18:54:42
Nicely written. Beautiful pictures too.

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