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Who am I? - Mortals #01
by Gordana Mudri
2015-07-19 11:24:19
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Who am I?

I wander through the grey corridors of life. My past is dark companion, and my future is invisible through the fog. Each step is pain, and there is no voice echo. I scream while walls crumble to pieces, and until sky is falling...

I wander like a shadow.



Tko sam?

Lutam sivim hodnicima života. Moja prošlost je mračni suputnik, a moja budućnost nevidljiva od magle. Svaki je korak bol, i glasovi nemaju odjeka. Vrištim dok se zidovi lome u komadiće, a nebo se ruši...

Lutam kao sjena.


Gordana Mudri is the newest member of the Ovi Team. Born in 1965 in Croatia, skilful with words and hands, head full of images and ideas that are just waiting to break free, drawers filled with hidden works.

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Leah Sellers2015-07-19 18:35:07
Stark, Brutal Reality and Imagery given a Voice, Gordana. Thank you and Welcome !

Gordana Mudri2015-07-20 08:30:57
Thank you for the warm welcome Leah. Each image has a voice, whispering or screaming, depending on time.

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