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Singing the World
by David Sparenberg
2015-07-21 11:22:11
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One would want to say a word, “tree,” only a single word and to experience an entirely animated language growing out of the wealth of this single sound; to spontaneously envision roots curling and snaking and reaching with moisture questing arms and fingers into the dark nurturing fertility of the presence of that other all-encompassing, omnipotent and ever mother word—Earth;


and a person can behold the elemental spirit; the funny word numen; alive and stretching in the rough-lovely skin, the bark, around the trunk-concentric pushing skyward into branches and these same branches refine and diversify, forming a delicate filigree of life, touching into tiny, sun caressing, breath-full twigs paying homage, giving habitation of leaves, the greenness of the presence named a tree

and amid these mathematical leaves blossoms in one cycle of participation, eyes astonished sniff at fragrance, and fruits and nuts in the moon’s turning inward and outward of yet another cycle

Consciousness, body, sap and blood and…

A human being might speak a word, open outward, to re-enter through the lingering fibers of ancestors, to a perception and participatory opera of primitive union, and rouse the arousal of singing the world

I will tell you here on the dunghill of the deaf and the blind, the garrulous and the deluded, suffering from famine and thirst and forgetfulness—I will explain this little joy in full blush of my liberating foolishness

One sound, a sheer vibration, one drop of rainwater to irrigate a desert  And…

Once a person masters Shakespeare and the King James Bible and still, in the rapture of love and green sanity, feels the dancing rhapsody of a local river and listens vitally to the whispering of a stone—knows the language of birds and swims in the soul as salt washing whales and dolphins—that one births magic back to the chasm and finds salvation in the here and now

There the war between us and otherness, against the Earth and against the senses, between noise out of angst and insecurity and silence out of mystery, Ends.


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