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Flame & Flood & Flowering
by David Sparenberg
2015-07-15 09:28:50
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life_01_400Stand up

Earth has made us to be free standing.  As steadfast as beacons against darkness.  As sturdy as a lighthouse in this disquieting night.

A dignified posture is the messenger’s first commission.  Hold up your head; life up your voice

Recognize and respect the millennia of evolutionary work that has made us how we are.  Shall the long miracle go unrewarded?  Is the flame of reverence not burning in your covenant-imaging heart?  And Spirit’s summoning too?

This is not before; this is not hereafter.  This is now!

What is impossible?

Is it impossible for there to be life-valuing peace between us?  For justice inviting commensality to flow out in rivers of sweet waters around us?

Is it impossible that after political civilization has marred and twisted our generations into numbing madness, into haunting fears…ahhhh… Is it impossible for us on this ball in space to love one another?

Possible or not possible to love one another?

Shall the abused Earth—constant object of our domestic violence—be made wholesome again?  Shall this sphere become fit once more for diverse habitation?  The web be sustained in sacred and green sanity?

Turn around and share with others what is really inside.  What do you feel and think?  What is the sowing and the rooting and the harvest-fertility of your soul?

Stand—in the flame and the flood and the flowering of love’s hot question.  Stand up!  Raise up your face.  Hold out your hands.  Elevate…

 Lift up your voice.


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"Life in the Age of Extinctions volume 2 – Threshold"
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