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Some Moments of Truth are More Naked than Others
by Leah Sellers
2015-07-13 11:37:42
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“Ding-dong-ding !”
While waiting for her perspective client to open his front door, Cheyenne thought briefly about the conversation she had shared with her company’s Director before arriving at Mr. Boner’s residence.
“Now, remember, Mr. Boner may be elderly, but he will test you.  I’m not sure quite how, but he’s rather peculiar that way.  He’s already scared off several of the women we’ve sent to help him out with his daily activities.  But he insists on having a female Caregiver,” the Director warned Cheyenne.
tex01_400_02“Thanks for the heads up, Mrs. Clarion.  I’ll do my best to meet Mr. Boner’s expectations,”  Cheyenne replied before she left the Director’s office.
“Ding-dong-ding !”
Unpredictably, Cheyenne heard a booming voice shout out, “Come on in.  The door’s open.”
Cheyenne turned the knob of the large and heavy oak door.  Sure enough it was open.  She stepped inside the foyer.  Taking a few more steps forward, Cheyenne peered down the house’s darkened hallway saying, “Mr. Boner ?  Are you need of help, sir ?  Where are you ?”
Mr. Boner opened the door to his bedroom and walked out.  He was completely Naked.
Remembering what her director had warned her about Mr. Boner, Cheyenne decided to meet the Naked, Possible Client, standing casually and unabashedly in front of her head on.
“Excuse me, sir, but which Head should I address ?”  Cheyenne asked matter-of-factly.
“Are you making fun of me Young Lady ?”  Mr. Boner asked stonily.
“No sir.  But it appears to me from your present presentation, that you are looking for a Prostitute that does CareGiving on the side or a CareGiver who does Prostitution on the side.  Either way, sir, I’m not your girl.  I’m just a plain ’ole Care Giver/Girl Friday, Mr. Boner,”  Cheyenne calmly replied.
“Sir,”  Cheyenne continued, “I have many Life Skills and various Job Experiences and fields of Expertise for you to draw upon, but none of them involve Sex.”
“Sir, I will make your beds for you, but I will not roll around in bed with you or for you.  I will do secretarial, research and computer work for you, Mr. Boner.  I will help you through any and all of your disabilities and ailments.  I will offer you Art and Music Therapies if they are needed.  I will drive you to whatever location you choose.  I will organize, clean, cook and run errands for you.  I have a wide range of Skills and Talents to offer you which have been outlined in my resume made available to you, sir.  But the sexual use of my Body is not amongst those offerings, Mr. Boner,”  Cheyenne said with quiet firmness.
“Sir, I am not here to be your CareGiving Mother Mary or your titillating Whore of Babylon.  So, what will it be, Mr. Boner ?”  Cheyenne asked evenly.
“You drive a hard bargain, Young Lady,”  Mr. Boner grinned.
“No sir, I’m not the one with a hard on.  That would you, Mr. Boner,”  Cheyenne answered with stark candor.
“Might I suggest that you get dressed, sir, so that we can complete our conversation more comfortably, Mr. Boner, or would you rather that I leave ?” Cheyenne asked.
“No, no.  Don’t leave.  Make yourself at home in the living room.  I’ll be with you, fully dressed, in a few minutes, Young Lady,”  Mr. Boner requested politely.
With that, Mr. Boner turned and closed the door to his bedroom.  Leaving Cheyenne alone in the darkened hallway.
Cheyenne stood staring at Mr. Boner’s closed bedroom door for a few seconds before she, too, turned and walked all the way back to the front door, opening it, and quietly closing it behind her.
Cheyenne walked briskly across Mr. Boner’s driveway to her little sports car without looking back.  She unlocked her car’s door and quickly got in. 
As she pulled out of Mr. Boner’s driveway she declared aloud to herself, “It’s difficult enough having to deal with one Hard Head.  Let alone two.  And that‘s just the pure Naked Truth of it.”

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Emanuel Paparella2015-07-13 18:58:18
Indeed Leah, Umberto Eco used to say in his lectures at Yale University in the 80s, that Truth is a very shy maiden and would not be caught dead showing herself naked. To change the metaphor, perhaps Plato had a point when he said that to come out of a dark cave and see the sun face to face (truth) for the first time, takes some time to getting used to, and in fact, to look at the sun for too long is to lose the ability to see in the first place. The best we can do is be aware of the fact that we are equipped to see the light (we have reason and a mind) and that that potential is different from the fire in the cave, and it may be wise to forget about confronting its source face to face. One interpretation (and interpretation is after all an indirect grasping of the truth) is that what Plato might have been implying is that we are not really well equipped within time and space to contemplate the naked truth; and that in fact we may not even be able to imagine what the naked truth looks like. The Buddhists believe that when we die and came face to face with Eternal Truth, we will realize that our life was a dream in a cave. A reincarnation may be necessary to learn what one has refused to learn. In Catholic doctrine that state of being is called Purgatory, as Dante well describes it in his Divine Comedy.

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