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A Deep, A Defining Peace
by David Sparenberg
2015-06-28 11:22:25
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Listen.  Here is what I have to say to you:  There must be peace.  The need for peace is planetary.

There must be a culture of compassion and commensality to counter the fanatical and patriotic cults of violence and life's betrayal.  And the sickness of waste and of laying waste.  And the diseased silence that nurtures extravagance, injustice and corrupting, polluting greed.  A culture of affirmation aligned in harmony with life and love and planet.

sile01There is a need, one profound and aching need,  for caring--caring that extends in every direction and is native to all continents.  That even exceeds what has been expected from before. For this need exceeds yesterday and the response of today must be greater than the global tempest, the souless madness, of tomorrow.

There must be water... Water!  I am saying to you this single, simple word: water....

For the urgency, the emergency, of water continues and the need for bread, for rice, potato, for food staples and global health increases, cycle after cycle, year upon year.

Constant is the propaganda of war; "wars, wars and rumors of war."  But the preparation for war is part of the politics of terror.  And the terror must stop.

There must be a greener future, a purer future, democratizing enlightenment; a long era, an epoch, an age; a clear sky, clean oceans, calm horizons, teeming rivers running free, densities of forests, and a friendly, blessing sun.  A

place, a very intimacy that is every place where children can play and grow, and live free of fear, of bullets and starvation, of bombs and poisons, abductions and merciless thirst.

A place where dignity becomes as common as grass; where trees are respected as yogi-elders, as rooting angels; and where women, eight to eighty, nine to ninety, are safe from rape and slavery.  And where no mothers are called upon, here or there, to bury their disfigured, ravaged or dismembered children.

Say what you will, whatever you will, whatever the canker in your bowels howls out against truth.  Think your possession out loud!  Names and name calling are unimportant.  What is important, here and now, is that there must be peace.

A reality of peace--in all of our senses together, in bones and in blood.  A  vision, a solidarity.  A

peace that rolls down hills, inundates lands and washes into our troubled hearts and problem minds with the soulful colors of four dimensional flowers.  To offer our children, Earth's evolution of children, on every continent, in all directions, a century, a millennium, of beauty and a home place, fair habitation, in a garden of honoring Earth.

There needs to be a condition, organic, atavistic, uplifting, that presently we do not have, that we are only partially dreaming.  There needs to be peace.  There must!

A green sanity. A deep, a defining peace.


David Sparenberg
19 June 2015

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Irit2015-06-28 22:18:54
Thank you David. It is beautiful...
Hopefully peace will be coming upon universe asap.

rossella panaro2015-06-29 02:29:32
I share the message of peace
in a world full of problems
certainly we can build a prayer of love
that encourages all people to weave the fabric of a new world....

Mary2015-06-29 21:11:47
Thank You For Sharing
Keeping ones eyes in what one wants for this world is key!

Aire Redtree2015-06-30 08:37:42

Christa Mackinnon2016-07-12 10:03:46
A heartfelt 'Yes' to all you said. A Palestinian woman said once to me: peace without justice will never last. We need to love peace, work for peace and pray for peace, but for a 'just' peace so that all people can indeed live together as one on this earth.

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