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A New Map of Iraq.......
by Leah Sellers
2015-06-17 10:09:02
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“What’cha’ drawin’ there, Sam ?”  Jethro asked as he peered over his friend’s broad shoulder.  “I thought we were goin’ Hawg Huntin’ today ?”
“Yep, I’m ready for a good Hawg Hunt, Jethro.  Those dad blamed Ferrels have been rootin’ through my corn crops, and Peggy Joy’s vegetable garden like they own the place.  And believe you, me, I have heard no end about that woman’s gol durned ruined cabbages and yella’ squash.,” Sam answered.
iraq01_400“Ha !  I know what you mean, Sam.  Janet Lee fusses over her Garden all of the time, too.  She’s always gotta’ job for me do in it.  I’ll swear her Honey Do List gets longer by the day,”  Jethro chortled.
Sam continued to draw lines on the large poster board covered with old coffee stains.
“What’cha’ workin’ on, Sam ?  Is it a school project for one of the kids ?”  Jethro asked more poignantly ?
“No, it’s just an old vets musings, Jethro.   Actually, I first got the idea when Joe Biden suggested doin’ it a few years back, but I’ve added some of my own ideas to the dad gum thing.  “Ole Joe is an Irshman.  The Irish know all about how Religion and Sectarianism can blow a country apart, Sam grunted.
“This here is Iraq.  I’m tryin’ to divide it up into the Four States of the Federation of Iraq.  I’m tryin’ to be fair about the Land divisions, ’cause the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shia tribes have such hatreds and intense rivalries between one another.”  Sam explained.
“Let’s see, you mentioned the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shia.  So, why are you creatin’ a Four State Federation of Iraq ?”  Jethro asked.
“The Fourth State is for the Internationalists.  The folks who don’t mind Sharin’ their Space and their Lives with people from different tribes or other countries for that matter.  Folks with Hearts and Minds open enough to work through cultural, political, religious and economic differences.  Folks who just want what’s best for everyone involved.”
“There are folks like that over there, Sam ?”  Jethro asked incredulously.
“Yep, I met quite a few of ’em.  But I’m also well aware of the others who prefer to hang onto their family and tribal hatreds for reason or another.  They’re the ones who will probably do better in one of the other three States.”  Sam said.
“How would you get all of the Haters and Power Seekers to even consider somethin’ like this, Sam ?  Seems to me they’re more interested in blowin’ everyone and everything away to kingdom come, “  Jethro argued.  “And how do you think the Turks, the Emirates, the Saudis, the Iranians,, the Jordanians, and all of the other Players over there would feel about what you’re proposin’ ?
“As far as I’m concerned those countries don’t deserve a say in the matters at hand, because they have been leavin’ most of the responsibility of what’s happenin’ over there on our Table.  They haven’t been much help at all as of late.  They’ve just been waitin’ on the sidelines for America to make the mistake of gettin’ too involved in things over in the Middle East again,”  Sam said.  “
“And that would be a Big Mistake for everybody involved.  America does not need to be or want to be to be lured into their preset Honey Trap.  Heck, we’ve already annoyed the other Middle East movers and shakers, ISIS/ISIL, especially, by not falling into their pre-set Honey Trap yet.  I’m tellin’ you, Jethro, that President Obama is a pretty smart fella’.  Too many around these parts have misjudged that man,”  Sam added.
“We’ll argue that point another day, Sam.  Right now, I’m more curious about this Four State Federation of Iraq cockamamey idea of yours,”  Jethro grinned.
“Well, to begin with, America and Iraq need to get the United Nations involved.  The UN needs to send its own Peace Makin’ Emissaries in to supervise the Four State Federation of Iraq Peace Talks and Map Creation.  And the Peace Makin’, Map Creation Table needs to be a Round Table.  No heads of the Table at these talks.  Everyone needs to be on even footin‘,“  Sam began.
“You been readin’ those King Arthur legends again, Sam ?  Growin’ up, you always did like ridin’ around on your ’ole horse pretendin’ like you were joustin’ with some dark knight, while all of the rest of us boys were out chasin’ and ropin’ heifers, ha !  Or are you tiltin’ at windmills like ’ole Don Quixote ?”  Jethro goaded.
“No, I’m lookin’ for real answers to some really bad and difficult problems that can get out of control for the whole world in some really catastrophic ways, if it’s not handled correctly.  This problem needs to be handled Politically and Diplomatically not through the barrel of a gun or by flinging more and more bomb shrapnel and body parts around everywhere on the planet,”  Sam said forcefully.
“If we can get the Kurdish, Sunni and Shia folks who want and need Peace, Stability and Hope in their Lives, so that they can Build a decent Future Life for themselves and their Families to come together to form their own Communities, their own States, Peacefully and Diplomatically, then that will go a long way toward helpin’ to get their Children and the negative, darker aspects of their Cultural and Muslim traditions under control.  And that will eventually lead to getting ISIS under control.  It will ease those tensions over time.  In fact, the passage of Time while they‘re all busy workin‘ out their own problems, within their own States will eventually work in everyone‘s favor,”  Sam continued.
Jethro nodded in cautious affirmation.  “Alright, but what about this Fourth State of Internationalists in this Federation of Iraq.  How will they fit in with the other three groups of perpetual
Haters and Rivals ?  Won’t they be in constant danger from the others ?”
“No, because they will always be the Neutral State.  They will be the Primary Seat and Hub of Iraq’s new Federation.  And United Nations Emissaries and Ambassadors will always be an administrative part of the Federation of Iraq’s Political, Diplomatic, Economic and Military Hub for the first twenty years of the country’s life.  And the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shia will all have Equal Say in all matters of State,and Equal Share in all of the Oil and Mineral Rights throughout all of Iraq.  And the Management of that very major and lucrative economy would exist in the Internationalist sector.  It would create some real sweet reasons for the Three Hater Tribes, who will also have their own State governments, to have to learn to work together equitably.  No more playin’ favorites.  No more squabbling. And refusing’ to work with one another to solve things for Iraq as a whole.  And the Internationalists could be the consistent and persistent Role Models for how all three Federated States could all work together in the Future.”  Sam said.
“You start out workin’ with everybody’s Shared Interests and then eventually toward everybody’s learned Good Will toward one another,”  Sam added.
“You really think the Politicians here in America will go for this, Sam ?  Right now, the State of War in the Middle East appears to be at the mercy of the 2016 Presidential bids,”  Jethro said.
“I know, I know.  I hear their dad blamed back and forth all of the time.  “I’m a Hawk !  I’m a Dove !  I’m a War Hawk and I’ll raid your Nest !  Well, I’ll just move my Dove’s Nest !  Well, maybe I want you to move your Dove’s Nest !  Well, maybe I’ll poop all over your Hawk’s Nest while you’re out lookin’ for my Dove’s Nest !”  I swear, that’s all they do is yammer and hammer at one another.  It’s pathetic !  It’s a wonder any of ‘em get anybody’s vote !  Sam exclaimed.
“The mean-spirited pettiness of all of it is never endin‘.  And what a waste of Precious Peace Lovin’ time it is.  Truth is, that most Folks are just searchin’ for Stable, Comfortable Lives, and that comes in all different shapes and sizes, and needs and greeds of the Folks involved,”  Sam said.
“Heck, Jethro, the Regular Folks in the Middle East, in these War Torn areas are War Torn themselves,”  Sam sighed.
“They’re sick of it.  They’re mad.  They’re heartsick, and when you’re scared and fed up with everything like that you lean on what you know.  Your Family.  Your Tribe. Your God and the Godly traditions that give you some kind of Meaning, Purpose, Stability and Cohesion to your Lives,”  Sam said.
“Some folks even go to the extreme of makin’ themselves Holy Warriors that will hook bombs up to themselves in the name of their God in order to kill as many other folks as they can.  But they’re really doin’ it out of anger, frustration, hopelessness, disconnectedness, escapism and their place in a Heaven that Honors that kind of behavior.  Strange Heaven if you ask me, but I’m lucky.  I live a pretty Stable and Comfortable Life in America.  I was able to walk away from that War unscathed and come back home to my Stable and Comfortable Life here with Peggy Joy and the kids.  Those folks over there don‘t have that lucky luxury.  They‘re all caught up in that Hell we helped to create over there,,”  Sam said firmly.
“So folks from the Outside will have to help the Folks on the Inside of the Problem.  Not to take advantage of ’em or imperially usurp them for their oil, their minerals and their riches as they’ve tried to do in the past, but to help them Stabilize themselves and get Comfortable.  Get ’em out of Fear and “I’m mad at you, and the rest of the World, for helpin’ to create my War Torn State of Bein” Mode, so that they can start makin’ better Decisions and Futures for themselves and their Children, Jethro.  We owe ‘em that, because we did help to destroy the world they knew before we invaded Iraq again,”  Sam said sadly.
“And the War we started in Iraq has come back to haunt us, and our Children, in oh so many ways, Jethro.  Our Vets are comin’ back Home with that War still inside of ’em.  And the NRA knows that and has taken advantage of their Internal Wars in order to make huge Profits for themselves.  But those Vets are bringin’ the War here with their Gun Lust and Unresolved Angers and Issues.  We’re producing’ a nation of quick Draw McDraws and Billy the Kid Sociopaths and Psychopaths, whose Fears and Hatreds and Prejudices are bein’ shouted out and spit out at the end of Gun Barrels everywhere,”  Sam said adamantly.
“And then there’s the attitudes in the Middle East that are comin’ to call on us, sayin’, “You wanna make War in our Lands ?  Tear up our Lives and our Lands with your War Machines and Troops ?  Then we’ll bring it back to you with our Transplants of Terrorism.  And you won’t know Who or Where they are until after the Killing Sprees.  And we will seduce and use your American and European disenfranchised, misguided and angry youth, your crazies against you as well.  We will destroy You and your Lives and your Land as you have destroyed Us and Ours,”  Sam said angrily.
“Jethro, we have got to get out of this Destructive Cycle and Perpetuated War Game.  The only way to do that is to Walk Away from it, and Create a new Situational Spatial Reality,”  Sam said with conviction.
“Sam you sound like one of those Science Fiction movies you’re always tryin’ to get me and Janet Lee to watch with you and Peggy Joy.  What in the world is a Situational Spatial Reality ?’’ Jethro asked with amusement.
“Jethro, the Peoples of the World need to start really understandin’ and wakin’ up to how negatively and situationally manipulated, used and abused their Realities are every ding-dang-dong-day by the ever expanding powers of Mega-Corps and Mega-Banks, and their cohorts and cronies and political prostitutes surroundin’ and layin’ claim to most folks every day lives.  We’re all headed for another very Dark Age if we don’t,”  Sam said.
“The Ideals of Freedom, Equality for All and treatin’ and appreciatin’ your Neighbor as you want and need to treated and appreciated Yourself, are Ideals that lead Folks towards Ages of Enlightenment.  Well, those Ideals are all gonna’ be carried away by the Carrion Birds of War and Chaos and scattered into the Netherworlds of  Multi-verse Oblivion, if we don’t get a’hold of it, and stop it dead in its tracks,” Sam said dramatically.
“And the Actions needed to stop it dead in it’s tracks are Hard and Arduous Interior and Exterior Work for eanch and every Individual,and each and every Nation,’  Sam said emphatically.
“But it’s a lot better and makes a lot more sense than the Perpetual Hells Human Bein’s keep creatin’ in certain parts of the world over vain glory and profits.  Just because we want to hoard or control somethin’ like Oil and Power all for ourselves and not Share or give back what we take unless we’re makin’ a hefty Profit off of it is just not cuttin’ the mustard.  We have got to find a Balance between our Takin’ and Givin‘.  We are All out of Balance,”  Sam cleared his throat, and shook his head.
“Jethro, we’re all connected now.  Folks all over the world are gettin’ connected online and on their Smart Phones.  They see the Profit Makin’ Machinery of the West made to look Cool and Popular everywhere they look.  It’s made to appear to be somethin’ everybody’s got to have or belong to or you’re not Cool, not Popular. But that deliberately created Social-Psychological Tension is out of Balance.  Everybody senses that, but we all continue to perpetuate that myth, that Situational Spatial Reality for the Makers of that Reality.  And they made it so that they can Profit off of it,”  Sam said.
“Jethro, do you ever ask yourself whose Reality your livin’ ?  Sam asked.
Jethro chuckled uncomfortably and shifted his feet.  “Well, no, Sam can’t say that I have.  I’m too busy fulfillin’ the Reality of Peggy Joy’s Honey Do List.”
Sam and Jethro both laughed out loud.
“Why don’t you set that map of the Four States of the Federation of Iraq and your Situational Spatial Realities aside for now, Sam, and let’s go bag us some pesky varmint Hawgs,”  Jethro smiled widely, and tugged the tip of his Stetson down a bit out of habit.
“Sounds good to me, Pard.  Let me go fetch my rifle and shells.  You need to come on into the house and say, “hi”, to Peggy Joy anyway or I’ll never hear the end of it,”  Sam laughed.
“It’ll be a pleasure to say, “howdy’ to Peggy Joy.  Janet Lee wanted me to find out whether she’s bringin’ her famous Pound Cake to the Church Social this Sunday.  If she is, then Janet Lee’s gonna make her famous King’s Ranch Casserole,” Jethro said on his way to the kitchen.
“Huh, I was plannin’ on passin’ Church up this weekend to work on my ‘ole tractor, but I think that I just changed my mind,”  Sam said good naturedly.
Jethro patted Sam on the left shoulder and said, “That’s what Friend’s are for, Sam.  To keep you on the Straight and Narrow, and make sure that you don’t pass up any Situational Spatial Realities that you might want to hook your ever lovin’ Wagon to, ha !

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