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After God Died After God Died
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2015-06-10 11:15:15
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After God Died

nan01_400_01With His cataclysmic Fall, when God cascaded down
And covered everything with His billion-acre body
And stank up the world, the entire world,
Things got desperate.

We all began to wander in the noisome air,
The fuliginous, chilling mists that occluded the sky,
We began to look downwards and hold ourselves, shivering,
And hold one another, against the dreamless night
Out of which we were extruded, and witch waits.

We got busy, hoisted riggings,
Carried hods of stones, and, long, hoisted an edifice that covered
Just threw something together to admire and bow down before –
Good to hide ourselves from ourselves,
And for a time at least forget the nakedness.

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Leah Sellers2015-06-11 07:09:51
Clever and visually amusing, sir. Thank you for the chuckle !

Emanuel Paparella2015-06-10 13:10:37
“God is dead” Nietzsche’s madman loudly announced in the middle of the night to all those who had forgotten that we killed Her by thinking of Her as an old man in the sky policing the universe; and we are now ashamed of our physical, intellectual and spiritual nakedness. Perhaps that’s what St. Augustine meant by that loss of innocence he dubbed “original sin.”

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