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Blaming Finger Yoga
by Leah Sellers
2015-06-08 11:51:16
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Before we start revealing the Blaming Finger Yoga Lesson, it must first be said that President Obama has Not been a divisive Leader.  America’s dark and coiled, ready to strike underbelly of Racism and Skin Supremacy was the Divider in Hiding that struck America like Fire Bringing Lightning when Barak Obama got voted into Office.
But the short-sighted, chest thumping Republicans (and some Democrats) and Dixie chose to Rise Again:
“We must knock down Voting Rights in every State !  How in the world did we allow a Kenyan to be Voted into the Presidency ?!”
vote01_400“Well, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again !  State by State we’ll weaken and knock down Fair and Equal Voting Laws and Practices like bowling pins !  We’ll strike ‘em down and send ‘em spinning to the gutters !”
“We’ll shut down any thought of a Comprehensive Immigration Plan !  We’ll block and evade all Steps at making Friends and Allies with Cuba !  Stick that in your fancy Cigars and
Smoke ‘em !”
“We’ll continue to make the Border Security, and National Security in general, a Big Deal to scare Folks into spending millions of dollars out to private contractors who make this and that or do this and that, and who also line our pockets privately and politically !”
“We’ll do everything possible to sabotage that dastardly Obamacare !”
“We’ll hail Vladimir Putin and Netanyahu as Ideal Leaders of Bullying and Thugism abroad and at Home !  Why ?!  Because, well, we’re Hawks !  Feather Pluckin’, Chicken kickin’ War Hawks !  That’s what we Do !  That’s the essence of who we Are !  We Love playin’ Offensive Offense !  We Live to Attack and Conquer any and everything we consider to be in our way !”
“It’s important that we decrease our National Debt on the backs and rear ends of the Middle Class, Poor and Needy of America !  Who cares about National Infrastructure, Education, Health Care for One and All (We hate Kenyan conceived Obamacare), Senior Care (they’ve got one foot in the grave anyway, let‘s give ‘em a nudge), Fair Wages and Fair Taxes, Closing Mega-Bank and Mega-Corp Tax Loopholes and their foreign hidden bank accounts, breaking up the Big Banks and anti-Trust Laws, getting rid of Citizen’s Untied, and all of those other useless problems the Masses keep yammering on about ?!”
“Instead, we need to continue increasing our National Debt by pouring billions of dollars more into the Military and the Private Weaponry Corps who give us kickbacks and kicks up the economic ladder of our successes !  Let’s increase our National Debt doin’ something useful !”
“Let’s blow things up, and play around with Killer Drones (it‘s kinda‘ funny watchin‘ those little blips on the screen try and run away from ‘em), and shoot things dead that bother or annoy us !  That’ll make us Feel better and Look better !  Like Putin on Horseback or playing around with a hockey stick !  Go, War Hawks !  Go !”
“Divide and Conquer !  That’s what we Do !  What we Live for !  Oops !  Sorry, we forgot.  It’s Obama that’s the Divider !  Not us !
We gotta watch out for those banana peels of Truth Republicans (and some Democrats) and Dixie !”
“Now, where were we.  Oh yes, while we Divide we must talk convincingly about Cohesion !  While we Cohese what Divides us, we must appear to be the Includers !  Not the Excluders we really are !”
“Boy is this confusing !”
“That’s why we are instructing you in the usages of Blaming Finger Yoga !”
“Everyone, breath deep, while you get your Blaming Fingers out and ready !  Point them high and stretch !  Make your Blaming Fingers look proud and sure !  Now, point those bony Blaming Fingers at the White House with the Black Kenyan inside it with all of your might, and chant these words, “We are the Great Dividers” !”
“Oops, sorry y’all.  Let’s give that another shot, shall we ?”
“Now, breath deep and Close your Eyes !  Meditate on forgetting about the Truth, and all we really don’t Stand for and repeat these words, “We are the Great Dividers “!”
“Oops !  This is terrible !  We’re supposed to be conveying something altogether different than the Truth.  We want our rottenly tricky Blaming Fingers to Lie, but not in our Red-handed, guilt-ridden beds !” 
“Raise your Blaming Fingers high if your think that we need to continue our Blaming Finger Yoga practice ?”
“Good, it’s unanimous, except for Rand Paul, but that’s to be expected.”
“Alright, everyone !  Let us renew our Blaming Finger Yoga Stretches !  Up and down, and down and up !  And left and right, and right and right !  Oops, did we forget to say and point Left ?  Our bad !  And our Bad is for America’s Good !”
“The one thing that our Blaming Fingers must always maintain and sustain is Deniability Flexibility !  So, every chance you get point and shake those Blaming Fingers and Divide and Deny ! Divide and Deny !  Divide and Deny !  We Do It !”
“We do so enjoy practicing Blaming Finger Yoga !  Divide and Deny !  Divide and………..”

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