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Ladies, We Don't Care.....
by Leah Sellers
2015-06-11 09:56:47
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Ladies we don’t Care if you’ve been Raped by an imperfect Stranger or your ever lovin’, not-so-lovin’ Daddy.  We, the Patriarchal Leaders and Church Ladies of America insist that you ProCreate no matter what !
Rape, Incest, a Sick Womb - that’s nothin’ compared to how we’re makin’ sure that all over America we can Screw you over Legally, Economically and Structurally, if you try and seek an Abortion.
Because you are just a weak-minded, weak-willed Woman.  Worse than that, if you get an Abortion, for whatever reason, you are a Killer of Cellular Globs.  That’s right.  You are worse than a
Harlot !  Worse than a Jezebel !  You are a Cellular Glob Killer !
rape01_400Women are God’s, Man’s and Nature’s Incubators !  Period !
Men (Adams) are over and above subservient Women (Eves).  The Bible tells Men so !
And if you are a religious Woman, if you choose not to maintain this Patriarchal Paradigm - Man’s Hierarchy then you are goin’ to Hell with Bells on your whorey toes !  Ho !  Ho !
Ladies you cannot be a strong-willed, “I won’t do the missionary position all of the time’, Wayward Lilith, and be welcome in God’s world !  Oh no !  You must flee to the Netherworld of demons and whores and live in Caves, and hide your shameful, Sinful Faces and Bodies from the Virgin Mary’s, Mother Mary’s and displeased and unfulfilled Adam’s (Men) of the World !  You cannot be Blessed by God and Men !  You cannot be Blessed in God and Man’s Garden of Eden !  You cannot be Blessed in God and Man’s Kingdom !
So, even though Human Bein’s are over populatin’ the World and temptin’ Man’s historically Selfish and Violent Fate, and the Planet’s overall Health by doin’ so.  Women, you cannot and will not control your own Bodies.  Your own Lives.  Your own Fates.  No !
You are not capable of doing it !  So, we, the Patriarchal Leaders and Church Ladies of America must do it for you !
We, the Patriarchal Leaders and Church Ladies of America are rewriting Laws, and restructuring the Economic Purse Strings and Mechanisms of the Health System one state at a time.  We are against you bein‘ in control of this decision, and our Systems will work against you bein’ in control of this decision in the Land of the Free Will and the Brave !
You will give Birth to God and Man’s wrigglin’, squigglin’ Seed no matter what !
Our Will is God’s Will !  And God has set us Up to sit you Down !  To set you Right, Ladies !
So, ready, set, go !  Bend over and bear it all !

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Emanuel Paparella2015-06-11 15:40:34
Perhaps Carl Jung had it on target when he posited the animus in every woman (symbolized by Hermes) and the anima in every man. By suppressing the anima a man becomes a marching Nazi; by suppressing the animus a woman becomes a clinging violet. It appears that those insights were unavailable to the ancients and many moderns too.

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