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Colors Of The Moon Colors Of The Moon
by David Sparenberg
2015-06-07 11:42:57
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This night is long.  This night is very, very long.  It is as if the world clock is stopped at a minute before midnight.

moon01_400_01This night is dark.  Very, very dark.  The moon is of strange colors.  And a whispering wind is over the lands, crossing the waters.

Let me interpret for you the voice of the night wind.

"All I am saying," says the wind, "is let go of what carries its own corpse, what is sick and decayed at heart, what is exiling soul from the world.

"Gather together the soulful.  Make family in the spirit--make love and bees and joy and flowers.

"Align yourself with the powers of renewal; the powers preparing for a new dawn."

David Sparenberg
29 May 2013

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Adela 2015-06-09 21:43:02
Hello, you can only Share this on Facebook... where is your Facebook page please?

re: Facebook posting2015-06-24 02:46:54
Hello Adela. This writing, along with others and several of my videos, is posted on my Facebook Page. I will gladly share. Please send friend request and I will accept.

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