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Casualties of War
by David Sparenberg
2015-05-11 10:50:04
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There are billions on billions of micro-events every hour of every day.  No!  Let me begin again.  There are billions on billions of tender affections, the luminous organisms of tiny miracles:

cas01_400a teacher hugs an insecure child, a mother gives a breast to an infant (in the warm sweetness of her bosom is every human hope), a father plays ball with his son, an old man tells a story to grandkids, a grandmother prepares a meal for three generations of love.

When there is war, when the world is mad in war's red fog (the phosphorus bombs, the napalm falling, the drones, uranium shells-the cancerous dust, the automatic weapons) it is not the enemy alone being killed.  But the billions on billions of micro-events, the tender affections, the organisms of tiny miracles; the soft networks and common ground of everyday life: suffer.  And are destroyed.

Men and women of all races and ages.  Children of all races and ages.  And earth, the waters, the air: these too are casualties of war.


David Sparenberg
5 May 2015

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