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by David Sparenberg
2015-05-02 09:07:22
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crazy01_400goodies move in line  they go from door to car  from car to store  from store to car  from car to door  goodies move in lines  their pores are poor  their senses dormant

they do not feel winds or grasses  they do not see clouds butterflies birds or trees  they do not smell if rain is on the way  (what is the Tao to them--the hexagon-work of bees the mandala-webs of spiders)  if wood is burning they are asleep  if flowers are in bloom if flowers are giving out their daily prayers of Van Gogh colors and perfumes

if there is a spiral -anywhere- they are unaware  if there is a circle they are not present in it  ubiquitous conspicuous in their absence

goodies move in lines  their pores are poor  their senses dormant  (their time is up!)

but hey you  look over there  OMG!  the crazies are out and about in waves  in treasure-troves of nature-nudity  beating drums worshipping with their bodies
touching intimate touching one another and the Earth

and mantic with joy  with sea foam  with erotic laughter  the crazies are falling i tell you friend they are falling into ecstasy  as crazies have done before  and more than once again and often they fall deep and outward into love

crazies are crazy with love  crazies are sweating love-magic  and celebrating Gaia and inviting back that wild and naughty Pan  the one the ancient hymn sings of: "bright haired and disheveled."  who is flushed with green arousal  and who smells of sex and dreams  of mountain tops and waterfalls  ...and spring


David Sparenberg
26 April 2015

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Leah Sellers2015-05-04 20:31:45
Mr. David, you are 'a dream of moutanin tops and waterfalls', dear sir. What Poetry you make......

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