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Are You Still Looking.....? Are You Still Looking.....?
by Leah Sellers
2015-04-21 10:24:55
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Are you still Looking ?
Pulling up Pebbles and Rocks
Yanking up Weeds and Knowledgeable Trees
Peering inside Craters on the Dark Side of the Moon ?
look01_400Are you still Seeking ?
Checking out the Light and Shadow recesses of
The Mind
The Heart
The Soul ?
Discovering UnKnown Spiraling Galaxies
Exploring enigmatic Dark Holes ?
Are you still Looking
Still Seeking
For Lost and Found Questions
Chasing Answers into and through the NetherWorlds
You’ve Woven and Sown ?
Herding them back into The Realms
You deem to Be Real ?
Are you still Looking
Still Seeking
Some Thing called Reality
And what Reality Is
What it Really means To Be Real ?
Are you still Looking
Still Seeking ?
Go ahead
Pick up Pebbles and Rocks
Yank up Weeds and Ancient Trees
Search the Mysterious Cosmic Soul and Black Holes
Life Is
A Look
A Search
A Quest
For what we Need
And that Need will Gravitationally
Bring you Spiraling and Never Endingly back
To the Need to Look - to Seek
It is the Who, What, When, Where, and How
Of What and Who We Are
The Questing……..
The Looking………
The Seeking………

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