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My Big Regret
by David Sparenberg
2015-04-08 11:36:01
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together01_400The biggest regret I live and will die with is that with so many of you we will never meet.  I will never see your faces, never hear your voices: never feel the living presence of your pathos and your beauty.  You who are the feeling ones, you who are beautiful!

Our hands will not touch, no; our lip never share the sun and moon of gold and silver kisses.  We will not intertwine or dance together, or sweat or eat or play, discourse, or sing.

Well... well...  There may be a possibility (possibly) that in some glow and calm of twilight-comfort, or when a midnight hush lays hold of the languid human world, many of us; not most and never all; will whisper the word "peace" in prayer, and feel the breath of strangers reaching from far shadows outward toward us.

There may be a possibility (possibly) that somewhere, somehow, sometime of the quality of blossoms bright with spring, our dreams will flower ecstasy in recognition of one another and we will find ourselves yet here together secure in common origin.

Yes I know, so yes, yes I do, I do know that many will go beyond when I am gone and the foolish and erratic human condition will have dry seasons and rain.  And children and children's children will face, endure and survive the wildfire crucibles of love and the iron cruel cauldrons of crime and terror.

And my big regret, my very big, my biggest, regret will be to leave this place, this puzzle, Earth, and you.  You the feeling, the beautiful!

David Sparenberg
30 March 2015

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Rossella Panaro2015-04-09 02:40:41
Yes this is the life of souls defeats
what are they doing
love a regret, love recognizes the wire
invisible through the madness that seeks the road
for a lifetime ...
the silence of prayer
courage is
all over
fell outside the heart ... removes the call
surrenders to love even the hand of God

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